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Fire Safety Plan For Tenants of Chicago Condominiums

As a Chicago property owner, you want to know that your tenants are safe and secure at all times. You’ve taken many precautions as far as keeping your fire extinguishers up to date, all of the fire safety systems in place and working, and now you want to ensure even more safety for your tenants.

How can you keep them fire safety aware when there are a number of tenants and they change periodically? You can offer them a Chicago fire safety tip sheet as part of the tenant package when they rent from you. It is very critical that as a housing administration group or a property owner in Chicago, that you keep your tenants fire safety aware at all times.

Here are a few tips to share with your tenants in making sure everyone is safe should a fire break out.

Know the Exit Route

As a tenant, it is important that everyone knows the building and how to get out safely in the event of an emergency. Encourage your tenants to practice fire safety drills so that they can safely exit the building should an emergency occur. It is a wise idea as the owner to have a safe exit route posted in each of the hallways and floors to make sure that it is easily accessible in the case of an emergency.

Encourage Safe Apartment Setups

If you have a tenants meeting every month or even every quarter, encourage the tenants to follow fire safety tips in their Chicago condominium. It’s a good idea to hand out spring fire safety tips or fall tips at your meetings. You can include items such as no open flames, make sure to check their smoke alarm batteries and change them, grills should be outside, and no flammable liquids in the home. By sharing tips with them in newsletters or meetings, you can help to keep these fire safety ideas fresh in their minds.

Discuss When to Evacuate

It may be difficult at times to know if you need to evacuate as a tenant or if you can stay put. The difference will depend on the type of building, where the fire actually is, and what is taking place. In some areas there are two types of buildings, those with safety features in place and those without. Make sure that your tenants know what type of building it is and when they should stay in place or get out of the building safely.

Say No to Elevators

Make sure to remind your tenants and keep signs posted to avoid elevators if a smoke alarm has been activated. Encourage them to always take the stairs, walk not run, and to proceed as quickly and safely as possible. Ensure signs are posted that help to remind them to avoid the elevator if this happens as well.

Making sure your building is fire safe is just part of the process. You also want to inform your tenants about fire safety tips and how to proceed should a fire break out in your Chicago property. Talk with Connected Fire Safety Services for more tips to share with your tenants or to make sure your building is fire safe.