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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Myths About Winter Fire Safety

virtual reality Myths About Winter Fire Safety When it comes to Chicago fire safety, it is important to learn all the facts and dispel myths. During the winter season, many homeowners have the wrong idea about fire safety and end up paying the price, be it injury and even death. Learning more about common myths involving fire safety and the winter season will help keep you and your family safe. Check out a few myths below and inform your family about fire safety for the upcoming season. You Have Five Minutes to Get Out during a House Fire This is not true....
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Are You Protected In the Event of a Fire?

armor Are You Protected In the Event of a Fire? When it comes to keeping your family safe, you want to know that they are prepared should a fire break out in your Chicago condo. As an investment property owner, you also want to ensure fire safety in Chicago is a prime focus for your tenants. Sharing fire safety tips with your tenants and board on a regular basis helps to keep everyone aware of tips and tricks to prevent a tragedy. As a tenant, you have certain responsibilities to ensure the safety of your home and the condo building you...
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Why is a Fire Safety Company Necessary?

question marks trees Why is a Fire Safety Company Necessary? Fire safety in Chicago is a huge part of being a part of a homeowner’s board or condo association. Many members are surprised to find out that if they do not maintain proper fire safety precautions in place, they can personally be found liable for any issues that arise from fires breaking out. For example, if a fire breaks out in your Chicago condo, you can be personally sued if someone is hurt or fatally wounded. This is just the first of many reasons that fire safety is important. Why should you consider...
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6 Fire Safety Tips in Chicago

looking up 6 Fire Safety Tips in Chicago Every homeowner or renter needs to fully understand the risk of fire. A fire can break out at any time and without the proper knowledge or safeguards, your home, family, and friends might be at risk. Learning more about fire safety in Chicago can easily increase the level of safety in your home and lower the potential for injury or death if a fire were to occur. Learn more about fire safety by reviewing the tips below. #1. Protect Your Home with Quality Smoke Alarms One of the simplest ways to practice fire safety...
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Risk of Skipping Out on Fire Safety Compliance

risk Risk of Skipping Out on Fire Safety Compliance As a condo owner or HOA member, you must know and understand the legal issues that can arise if you skip a fire inspection or equipment repair. Staying in fire safety compliance in Chicago is an important part of your ownership. It is a vital component to ensure the safety of your residents, protection of your investment, and to reduce the risk of costly legal issues should a fire arise. You need to understand what can happen if your fire safety is not properly maintained. It could mean detrimental consequences that you...
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