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Christmas Fire Safety Tips

wreath Christmas Fire Safety Tips Christmas is just around the corner. There will be lights, candles, trees, and cooking all throughout the month. How do you know if your condo in Chicago is safe from fire danger? It doesn’t take much to spark a tragic fire during this cold, holiday season. There are a few fire safety tips in Chicago that can help you to prevent a fire from happening this season. Keep these in mind when it comes to your holiday gatherings this month. Do not leave while cooking – No matter how safe you may feel your oven or...
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What Happens If I Fail A Fire Safety Inspection?

coffee mug What Happens If I Fail A Fire Safety Inspection? Failing a fire safety inspection is not ideal. For property owners, measures should be taken to ensure that all protocols are followed, and anything related to fire safety inside the building is cared for correctly. From emergency exit lighting to fire extinguisher installations and smoke alarms, certain aspects must be maintained in your building to ensure safety. A fire inspection can happen at any time and if you fail, certain steps must be taken to allow your facility to remain in operation. Failing the Fire Safety Inspection When undergoing a Chicago...
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Myths About Winter Fire Safety

virtual reality Myths About Winter Fire Safety When it comes to Chicago fire safety, it is important to learn all the facts and dispel myths. During the winter season, many homeowners have the wrong idea about fire safety and end up paying the price, be it injury and even death. Learning more about common myths involving fire safety and the winter season will help keep you and your family safe. Check out a few myths below and inform your family about fire safety for the upcoming season. You Have Five Minutes to Get Out during a House Fire This is not true....
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Are You Protected In the Event of a Fire?

armor Are You Protected In the Event of a Fire? When it comes to keeping your family safe, you want to know that they are prepared should a fire break out in your Chicago condo. As an investment property owner, you also want to ensure fire safety in Chicago is a prime focus for your tenants. Sharing fire safety tips with your tenants and board on a regular basis helps to keep everyone aware of tips and tricks to prevent a tragedy. As a tenant, you have certain responsibilities to ensure the safety of your home and the condo building you...
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Have You Checked Your Emergency Lighting Lately?

exit light Have You Checked Your Emergency Lighting Lately? As a member of the board of a condo in Chicago, you must understand all that position entails. While some members may be under the influence it is just a social gathering to maintain quality of the building, there is more at stake than you may know. Being a member of the board means that you’re responsible for a variety of items, including fire safety in Chicago. One key aspect of keeping all building residents safe is emergency lighting. Learning what you need to have in place, what is part of your inspection,...
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