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Is Your Apartment Complex Ready for Your Fire Inspection?

When it comes to fire safety in your Chicago condominium, it’s important to know that your building is ready for an annual fire inspection. It is also critical to know that you are protecting your tenants when it comes to getting them out safely in the event of a fire.

What do you need to know for a fire safety inspection? What has to be taken care of to ensure you pass with flying colors? Here are some of the things your building must have up to code to protect your tenants and pass your inspections.

How to Make Sure You Are Prepared

When it comes to ensuring preparedness for your fire safety inspection in Chicago, you can work with a trusted company such as Connected Fire Safety Services. They provide maintenance, record keeping and more to make sure that you’re ready in the event of an inspection or a fire. Their highly-trained technicians stay up to date on all fire code regulations and can make sure that your building is staying updated as well.

They provide a variety of services to assist you with areas such as certifying your fire extinguishers, keeping a record in a safe digital place so you can access it at any time, checking your emergency lighting and much more. You can rest assured that working with this company is a great way to provide safety and security to your tenants and your investment.

Be sure to contact them today to set up a time to get your fire safety checklist taken care of. You do not want to fail your inspection or risk the lives of the tenants in your building. Make sure you’re fire safety ready today!