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How to Survive if a Fire Breaks Out in Your Apartment Building

While we all hope to never have to deal with a Chicago fire issue, you must be prepared when you live in an apartment. Fires do happen, and lives are lost in these unfortunate and tragic circumstances. The best way for you to handle your Chicago fire safety is to be prepared before fire ever hits. It’s better to be prepared and ready should this happen than to face it without having essential fire safety tools in your Chicago condominium.

Here you’ll find a list of a variety of items that can help you should a fire break out in your apartment building.

Fireproof Safe

An important piece of property to have onsite is a fireproof safe. This is where you should keep all your important paperwork and valuables that you want/need to protect in the event of a fire. You can keep items such as birth certificates, marriage or divorce information, and even cash in this safe. If you should lose cash in a fire, only a portion of it will be covered by your insurance policy. Make sure your items are protected no matter if a fire breaks out or a burglar breaks in.

Fire Warning

Make sure that you have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that work in your apartment and throughout your building. It’s vital that you have as much warning as possible to get you and your family to safety should a fire occur.

Fire Safety Kit

You can also build up a fire safety kit for everyone in your household. While you hope to never have to use this, you don’t want to be caught in an apartment fire without it. Some items to include in the kit are:

Fire Extinguishers

Perhaps the most important survival tool is a portable fire extinguisher. Propertly working units should be installed throughout the common areas of your building. Make sure that you keep on top of your fire extinguisher servicing so that all are licensed, tagged and in good working order at all times.

Contact Connected Fire Safety Services to make sure your home is prepared and your apartment building is secure in the event of a fire.