Fire Safety Tips for Your Children

Fire can be devastating to adults and children alike. Being prepared ahead of time is important not only as parents, but you should also prepare your children. Making sure that your children know what to do to prevent a fire, and the actions to take should a fire occur, is critical to their survival.

It’s important that you share and teach these tips to your children so that they are prepared for a possible fire. While you hope to never need the training, you want to know that your family is prepared should they face the frightening consequences of a fire. Here are some Chicago fire safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Parents: Keep Temptation Away

Make sure anything such as matches, lighters, candles, etc. out of reach of your children. While this sounds like common sense, accidents do happen. It’s best to walk around the home and make sure that everything is put away and out of reach of children to reduce the chance for an accidental fire.

Try Flameless Candles

Not only do they offer the nice glow of a candle, they are much safer than a traditional candle. These candles use a bulb to shine light and offer a soft glow. If the scent is what you’re after, there are other choices available. Check out the wall plug ins that still give your home a pleasant smell without risking the chance of a fire.

Fire Safety Tips in Case of a Fire

Here are some tips to use when a fire may break out. It will help your child and your family to survive in the unfortunate case a fire happens in your Chicago property.

Remember, the key to surviving any tragedy is to be prepared. You need a fire safety Chicago plan in place for your home and your family. Don’t forget to practice your fire escape plan, make sure all smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are in place and to keep temptations out of sight and reach of your children.