Estimating the Costs

We have created a helpful Fire Safety Cost Estimator tool that calculates the estimated cost associated with installing any new fire equipment required to bring your building up-to-code, along with the servicing of your building's existing equipment.

If you are already comfortable with the details of our service, you may download the tool and get started right away!

Use the button below to download the Fire Safety Cost Estimator tool. The tool must be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (Free)

Download Tool

Recommended Reading

The following information is important to review in order to properly estimate the costs associated with maintaining your fire safety equipment.

Service Process Overview - A quick review of the initial steps that occur after you sign up for our service. This step determines what additional equipment, if any, is needed at your building.
Determining if equipment is "up to date" - A short tutorial for determining if your building's existing fire safety equipment is current with the legally required annual servicing rules.
Calculate the required number of fire extinguishers - A quick review of the rules related to the number of fire extinguishers required throughout the various areas of your property. You will need this information in order to complete the Fire Safety Cost Estimator.

Needs Analysis: One-time Only

The Needs Analysis Evaluation is only required prior to our initial servicing of a building. Once we have that information, all future service visits occur without any delays.