Fire Safety Portal

A critical component of a sound fire safety strategy is maintaining clear records. This becomes especially important in the case of an actual fire or other emergency, when the Board or building owner must provide proof of proper maintenance for all safety equipment. This valuable information should be maintained offsite, in a secure location that is protected against loss by fire or other disaster. For no additional cost our Fire Safety Portal provides our clients with the perfect solution!

The Fire Safety Portal provides convenient around-the-clock access to the building's fire safety reports and documents. This information is stored in a single, centralized and secure location. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all of your building's critical information is always available whenever you may need it.

The level of documentation and service history that we provide and maintain for our clients also goes far beyond anything that you'll find elsewhere. Our reporting provides the documentation needed to help protect clients against legal claims should a fire or other building emergency occur.

Far Beyond Invoices

The Fire Safety industry tends to operate in an "old school" fashion with very few companies embracing technology to improve their services. Most companies provide their clients with nothing more than a hand-written invoice after performing their maintenance work. This does not provide the level of detail and "proof" required to defend against potential legal claims.

Where fire servicing companies typically offer only invoices, Connected Fire clients receive all of the following:

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The first step that we perform for a new client is to have one of our technicians visit the property and perform a thorough Needs Analysis Evaluation. The analysis will determine what fire safety equipment is already installed at your building and what additional equipment, if any, is needed to bring the building into compliance with fire safety laws. Lastly, the information gathered is used to provide an estimate for the cost associated with performing the initial servicing of the property.

The result of the service is a Needs Analysis Report, which details:

  1. A complete inventory of all existing fire safety equipment found at the property, including:
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Emergency lights (includes exit signs)
    • Smoke Detectors
    • CO Detectors
    • Interior/Exterior bulbs (optional)
  2. The current status of all existing equipment, including:
    • Status of annual licensing (tags)
    • Equipment defects found by visual inspection
    • Obsolete equipment
  3. A list of any missing/needed safety equipment, including:
    • Fire extinguishers required to meet the minimum standards of city and state laws.
    • Smoke detectors required.
    • Carbon monoxide detectors required.
  4. The estimated cost for the required service work detailed in the report. No surprises!
Sample Needs Analysis Report

The Inventory Report is the master document that details all of the fire safety equipment throughout the property. This is a living document, which is updated by our technicians after each on-site service visit. The current status of each piece of equipment is documented including the parts required to maintain the item.

This comprehensive list of all fire safety equipment in your building is used by our technicians to prepare for each service visit. We know exactly what services are needed and arrive with the correct parts and supplies to complete the job.

Sample Inventory Report

A Service Report is completed by the technician after each service visit to the property. This document details the specifics of all equipment serviced and any parts and materials used. Service Reports provide the "proof" that the fire equipment was serviced and certified by a technician.

Sample Service Report

Invoices provide a short summary of the services completed and the associated costs. These should be used for accounting purposes.

Sample Invoice

Accessing the Fire Safety Portal

The Fire Safety Portal is built on the latest technology and can be easily accessed using any web browser. You can also access all of your building's files and documents on any mobile device using an App available on both Android and IOS (iPhone). During the sign-up process you will be provided with your user account information (username and password) along with easy-to-follow instructions for using the portal.

Data Protection

We take the protection of your building's data serious! All information is stored on a redundant file server with daily local and online backups.

All connections to the Fire Safety Portal are protected by industry standard encryption.