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The Sign-Up and Servicing Process

We make it simple for your condo association, business, apartment bulding or commercial property to remain in compliance with all city and state fire safety laws. Sign up for the service, and we will perform the maintenance services required by ordinance. You are only charged for work that is actually performed, based upon our clear pricing schedule. No monthly fees or subscription-type charges.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Sign Up

During our simple sign-up process we will gather basic information about you, your property and your fire safety needs.

You will specify the fire safety services (types of equipment) that you would like us to service on your behalf. Options include fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and smoke/CO detectors.

Step 1

Step 2

Scheduling & Completion of Initial Servicing

With your approval, a technician is scheduled to visit the property and perform the required installation and/or servicing of the fire safety equipment that you selected.

You are only charged for work that is actually performed, based upon our clear pricing schedule.

Protected Upon completion of this initial service your property's fire safety equipment will be fully certified, tagged and secure for the next 12 months!
All of our servicing reports and documentation, including the Building Inventory Report and all service records will be added to the Fire Safety Portal. When you need this information it will always be available!

Step 3

Ongoing Annual Servicing

Our team will track your annual required certification dates and pro-actively notify you when it's time to have your equipment serviced. (Every 12 months)

No Commitments While we hope to form a long-term partnership and continue to service your equipment each year, there are no requirements to use our services in the future.
You will never lose access to the information on the Fire Safety Portal.

Step 3

Ready to schedule?

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