Clear & Transparent Pricing

As part of our company culture of "doing business the right way" we believe in providing clear and up-front pricing to our clients. Our pricing is very simple. You are only charged for work that is actually performed. We have no monthly fees, subscription-type charges or long-term contracts.

We are one of the lowest cost options available and we offer a higher level of service than you'll find elsewhere. Our Fire Safety Portal is an excellent example of the added level of service that we provide to our clients for no additional cost!

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Don't Overpay for Unnecessary Resources

We specialize in selling, servicing and certifying the basic fire safety equipment needed to fulfill the legal requirements of most condominium associations and commercial properties. For 90% of condominium associations and commercial properties in Chicago, our services cover all of their fire safety needs. Our technicians are trained, certified and fully licensed to perform the servicing of fire extinguishers and other basic fire safety equipment in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

We do not service the fire equipment needed at high-rise properties such as fire alarm networks and sprinkler systems. Our maintenance facility and fleet vehicles therefore do not require the equipment required to service the systems utilized by high-rise properties. By specializing solely on basic fire safety equipment we can minimize overhead and service your building's basic fire safety equipment at a far lower cost than many competitors.

Shop Smart! It would not make sense to visit an expensive brain surgeon if you have the flu. You would visit a doctor. Likewise, if you hire a company that specializes in high-end fire systems to service your basic fire safety equipment you will be paying far too much.

Save Big with Re-Certified Extinguishers

If additional fire extinguishers are required at your property, we also offer re-certified units. These units are 40% less expensive and nearly indistinguishable from new units. This is a great way to minimize the cost of bringing your building into compliance.

To learn more about this exciting option please review our re-certified extinguisher page.

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Certified & Licensed

Our experienced technicians are insured, certified and licensed to service fire extinguishers and other safety equipment in Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois.

Trust the execution of your fire safety policy to the experts at Connected!