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Fire Safety Tips for Your Children

boy Fire Safety Tips for Your Children Fire can be devastating to adults and children alike. Being prepared ahead of time is important not only as parents, but you should also prepare your children. Making sure that your children know what to do to prevent a fire, and the actions to take should a fire occur, is critical to their survival. It’s important that you share and teach these tips to your children so that they are prepared for a possible fire. While you hope to never need the training, you want to know that your family is prepared should they...
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Protecting Your Property During the Holidays

Santa Protecting Your Property During the Holidays It’s that time of year where you are decorating your home, bringing out all the memorabilia of holidays gone past, and of course, bringing out all the lights. The more lights the better in some cases! How can you enjoy your favorite holiday décor while staying in control of your Chicago fire safety this season? There are a few tips to make sure that your home is protected during the season from any unforeseen fire hazards. Unplug Your Lights Be sure that everything is unplugged before leaving the home or going to bed at...
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Inspect and Test Fire Safety Protocols in Rental Apartments

test results Inspect and Test Fire Safety Protocols in Rental Apartments When you own a rental apartment building, it is important to ensure that all proper safety protocols are followed. When it comes to Chicago fire safety, every aspect of your building needs to be reviewed. Annual inspections, as well as regular maintenance of systems, needs to be conducted to ensure that all components involved in fire safety will work in the event of a fire. Fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and other areas, such as exits, should be checked on a regular basis as a safety measure. Fire Extinguisher Servicing In apartment...
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How to Survive if a Fire Breaks Out in Your Apartment Building

thumbs up How to Survive if a Fire Breaks Out in Your Apartment Building While we all hope to never have to deal with a Chicago fire issue, you must be prepared when you live in an apartment. Fires do happen, and lives are lost in these unfortunate and tragic circumstances. The best way for you to handle your Chicago fire safety is to be prepared before fire ever hits. It’s better to be prepared and ready should this happen than to face it without having essential fire safety tools in your Chicago condominium. Here you’ll find a list of a variety...
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Record Keeping for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Chicago

binder Record Keeping for Fire Extinguisher Maintenance in Chicago As a Chicago property owner or HOA board member, you need to know how to keep proper fire safety records in Chicago. This is critical as your fire inspections could lead to costly fines if you do not keep accurate records of maintenance, upgrades, updates, and even inspections themselves. It is important that you have someone in your corner helping you to do just that. Connected Fire Safety Services is a company that specializes in assisting you with making sure everything is taken care of and in proper order before your inspection....
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