Chicago Fire Extinguisher Servicing

We have the perfect solution for clients in Chicago that need their fire extinguishers maintained, but are not currently interested in having other fire safety equipment serviced. Whether your building has dozens of extinguishers or only a few, we make it simple and inexpensive to get your units serviced, tagged and up-to-code. (To learn about our complete fire safety services for your building click here.)

Easy and Convenient Process

The process of having your extinguishers serviced is quick and easy. If this is the first time that we have serviced the extinguishers at your building, we will gather some simple details from you during the scheduling process. This includes the property address and the number of existing extinguishers at the property. One of our licensed technicians will be scheduled to visit your property at a time that is convenient for you.

Our technician will service all of the building's fire extinguishers using a 10-point maintenance check. This process includes:

  • Visual Examination: performed on the entire unit, carefully inspecting for dents, rust, corrosion, pitting or other shell damage.
  • Test/Maintenance History: reviewed to determine the need for recharge, 6-year maintenance or 12-year hydrostatic testing.
  • Pressure Gauge: checked to ensure that the unit is fully pressurized.
  • Weight: the extinguisher is checked to ensure the correct amount of extinguishing agent is in cylinder.
  • Discharge Hose: removed to inspect for signs of blockage or damage.
  • Locking Pin: removed to ensure that the pin is easily removed in the event of an actual fire emergency.
  • Handle/Lever: checked for smooth discharge operation.
  • Clean Extinguisher: using a cleaning solution.
  • Mounting Bracket: checked to ensure extinguisher is installed securely on correct mounting hook or bracket.
  • Inspection Certification: documented by attaching a safety tag identifying the service technician having performed the service.

Upon completion of our service your building's fire extinguishers will be up-to-code and certified. Unless an extinguisher is subsequently discharged or damaged, servicing will not be required again for 12 months.

Tracking of Future Service Dates

After the initial servicing of your building's fire extinguishers our team will track your annual required certification dates and pro-actively notify you when it is time to have your equipment serviced. (Every 12 months) There is no requirement to use our services in the future.

Significantly Reduce Costs with Re-Certified Extinguishers

With Connected, if one or more of your existing fire extinguishers needs to be replaced, you have the option of purchasing our re-certified units. These units are nearly indistinguishable from new units and are 40% less expensive. This is an easy way to minimize the cost of maintaining your building's fire extinguishers.

To learn more about this popular option please review our re-certified extinguisher page.

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Certified & Licensed

Our experienced technicians are insured, certified and licensed to service fire extinguishers and other safety equipment in Chicago and throughout the State of Illinois.

Trust the execution of your fire safety policy to the experts at Connected!