Interior / Exterior Light Bulbs

We can pro-actively replace all of the light bulbs throughout the common areas of the property on an annual basis. All bulbs will be replaced annually, regardless of status. This minimizes the need for expensive, reactive service calls each time a bulb fails. This is a perfect option for Associations that do not have a cost effective method for replacing bulbs on an as-needed basis.

You can choose to have annual bulb replacement performed on both interior and exterior bulbs, or for just one or the other. Bulb replacement is limited to common areas of the property.

Question How often does your building have annoying, burned out light bulbs in the common areas?

Benefits of pro-active light bulb replacement

  • No more headaches related to light bulbs!
  • All light bulbs working, all the time
  • Increased resident satisfaction, less complaints
  • Avoid costly and ongoing onsite maintenance visits to change a single, burned out bulb
  • Reduced risk of safety issues due to bulb outages
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We have a huge inventory of bulbs to support nearly any fixture, including specialized and hard-to-find varieties. Anything not in our inventory can be special ordered.

Save $ and Headaches

If your building does not have an onsite maintenance resource that can change light bulbs as they burn out, our annual bulb-update service is a great solution.

This approach is far less expensive than paying a handyman to visit your property each time a bulb fails.