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Fire Safety Learning Center

Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

What If You Don’t Have A Fire Extinguisher?

Small Fire

Despite their importance, fire extinguishers are usually unavailable in homes compared to workplaces. You can easily find the extinguishers in closed commercial spaces like: WorkplacesRestaurantsOfficesFactories Yes, fire extinguishers can greatly help in case of a fire breakout, which is why maintenance is crucial. But what happens if you don’t have one? Let’s look at what you can do and what you should never do to put out a fire without a fire extinguisher. What If You Don’t Have A Fire Extinguisher? People can unexpectedly get stuck in a structure or house fire and may not have the right equipment to deal...

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Basics of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Group of fire fighters

A fire extinguisher is a necessity when it comes to fire control and prevention against outbreaks. These fire extinguishers allow people to put out fires in their early stages, saving them from property and life damage. However, poor fire extinguisher maintenance is one of the most undermined elements of fire extinguisher use. People don’t understand the importance of regular maintenance, which even endangers their lives in serious situations. According to statistics, more than 90% of fire deaths occur because the fires don’t get controlled timely because of poor fire extinguishers. While the law requires every commercial building to have a fire...

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Fire Extinguisher Mistakes You’re Making

Red fire extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is a great addition to your property protection, especially if you’re at risk of fires. Most people think they’ll never face a home or commercial fire, but that’s not true. It’s why fire extinguisher maintenance has become such a vital part of the industry. There’s a long range of different fire extinguishers you can purchase. You could need multiple if you own a commercial building. However, even the best fire extinguishers won’t help if you don’t know how to use them. According to statistics, 93% of the deaths occur because of poor fire extinguishers or the inability to...

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Common Mistakes People Make With Fire Extinguishers

Woman with fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are extremely important for the safety and maintenance of homes, offices, and other public places. They are a quick and effective way to respond to fire and save lives and property. It is easy equipment, but people still make common mistakes that lead to inconvenience at the last moment. These inconveniences could cause unnecessary complications, severe injuries, or even worsening of fire. According to a report, one home structure fire is reported in every 93 seconds. So, everyone should know how to use a fire extinguisher and maintain their fire extinguishers to avoid making any mistakes. This article will...

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Types of Fire Extinguishers: A Guide to Using the Right Class

CO Fire Extinguisher

Every extinguisher is designed to tackle a different type of fire, which is why they are divided into different classes. However, you can choose one according to your need and lifestyle. Make sure to use a suitable fire extinguisher type as the wrong one could be a threat to life and death. Around 93% of deaths occur due to progressed fire in the early stages, potentially due to inappropriate fire extinguishers. Let's talk about the different classes of fires and the substances being burned. They are: Class A: This type of fire is caused by combustible or carbon-based solids, for instance,...

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