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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.
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Fire Safety Basics to Keep In Mind

Burning Fire

Did you know that 90% of fire accidents lead to deaths because the people dealing with them don’t put the fire out on time? While simple ideas like fire extinguisher maintenance and fire extinguisher servicing sound simple enough, they are not the only thing that matters.

Most people think they would never encounter fires, but that’s not true. You never know when you may face an issue like this, so knowing the right safety tips to survive a fire matters.

Fire Safety Basics to Keep In Mind

The best strategies to survive a fire may vary slightly based on the kind of fire you are stuck in. However, the general fire safety rules remain safe.

You might have heard of them in school, but they can often go unnoticed as we go on with our lives. We will go over these simple rules in this quick article for your guidance. Let’s start!

1. Make a fire Escape plan

You must leave your house quickly if there is a fire. Prepare an escape strategy with your family by sitting down and discussing it. Ensure that everyone is aware of at least two clear exits from every room, including any windows.

If there is a fire, use the stairs rather than the lift if you live in an apartment block. Pick a location for your meeting outside. Practice your escape plan with your entire family at least twice a year.

2. Watch Out For Smokers

In North America, careless smoking is the main factor in fatal fires. If you have a smoker in your home or smoke yourself, you need to take extra care of it. A single butt from a cigarette can lead to a massive fire within your property.

The worst part is that smokers don’t even realize the severity of this safety risk. They take it lightly and dispose of the butt almost anywhere they want. However, the discarded cigarette can create a fire, especially if you have flammable items nearby.

Fire safety experts recommend disposing of the cigarette in water or putting it off with your shoes properly before continuing

3. Let Adults use Lighter Tools

Lighter tools are convenient for people wanting to ignite a fire. However, you need to use these tools with caution. Manufacturers recommend that only adults use the lighting tools, or it can cause massive damage to the property.

You can easily find child-resistant lighters to protect children from using these tools. It may seem unnecessary, but it can better ensure your safety from unwanted fires.

Moreover, you need to educate your child about fire safety and hazards because there’s a limit to how much you can control your children. If your child understands the severity of the problem, they will avoid it.

Bottom Line

Chicago fire safety is a serious consideration and can impact the overall well-being of your property and life. We recommend keeping the fire safety basics in mind or contacting Connected Fire for more assistance. The professionals can guide you about fire hazards and ensure you stay safe.

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