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Reasons Your Fire Extinguisher Could Fail and How to Prevent It


Reasons Your Fire Extinguisher Could Fail and How to Prevent It

A portable fire extinguisher is a first line of defense when a fire breaks out in your property. If it is a smaller fire such as a grease fire on the stove or a grill fire, these can mean the difference between a massive amount of damage and a small amount contained to the one area. As a property owner, you should know there are several things to do to your fire extinguisher to make sure your fire safety in Chicago is taken care of.

Blockage in Hose

If there’s a blockage in the hose, you could have a unit that will not perform when needed. That means the fire that starts out small and contained can quickly spread to a devastating problem. It is important to clear all the debris from the lines and hoses to make sure the machine will work when you need it to. This is one of the mandatory service items when a technician performs the annual servicing of your fire extinguishers.

Needs to be Recharged

If the extinguisher has ever been used, even a little bit, it has to be recharged. It is not something that can be left for another day. As soon as the unit has been used, you need to have it charged back up so that it is ready when/if a fire breaks out again. You do not want to be in a situation facing a fire and not have your first line of defense.

Leaks May be Present

If your extinguisher has a leak you may find that it fails when you need it most. A leak can be detected by reading the pressure gauge found on commercial fire extinguishers. Part of your fire safety in Chicago requirements is to make sure that your units are inspected on an annual basis and checked for any type of leaks or problems with the unit. This will help to prevent a massive loss in a fire when it could have been stopped in a smaller area.

Damage You Can’t See

Corrosion can take place inside the tank which is an area you cannot see with your naked eye. This takes a professional inspection and repair of the unit and that is where Connected Fire Safety comes in. They can provide you with a secure unit so that you do not have to worry about it not operating when you need it most.

Labels Are Faded or Worn

If you’ve never used an extinguisher before, or even if you have, it’s important that you know what you’re doing. The labels on the item should be clear and plain, and not worn out to ensure that the instructions are easy to read.

How to Prevent Failure

To stop catastrophic failure of your unit, work with Connected Fire Safety. They can help ensure your extinguishers are up to code in Chicago and make sure they are working when you need them most. They offer a variety of safety services in Chicago and can help you to ensure the protection of your property and your tenants. Call today to set up your fire safety inspection and make sure your equipment is working soundly.

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