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Summer Fire Safety Checklist


Summer Fire Safety Checklist

With summer in full swing, you’re most likely either on vacation or planning one really soon. Before you head out on a vacation with your family, make sure to go over your summer fire safety checklist. This will help you to be Chicago fire safe when you’re in your apartment and when you’re away.

Make sure to have these items listed below checked off on a regular basis. If you notice something throughout your monthly check, be sure to address it with your HOA or management company. Do not leave fire safety in Chicago till later. It could be the difference between making it out of the fire unscathed or being injured or worse.

Here are the items you should always check on a regular basis.

What Shape Are Your Cords?

Electrical cords are the cause of many different fires in apartments and homes. They have been the cause of over 50,000 fires. They can be innocent looking enough but have issues that you may be unaware of. Make sure to check the condition of your electrical cords on a regular basis. If you see any that are cracked, broken, or frayed, it’s time to replace them. You can also reduce the fire risk when you’re away by unplugging unnecessary wires.

Where Are Your Cords?

While you don’t want the unsightly electrical cords all over your home, you really should refrain from covering them up with rugs or other items similar. They can and do emit some heat and this can be dangerous if the material is flammable.

Smoke Detectors

Make sure to regularly check your smoke alarms. Be sure you have a smoke alarm in different areas of the home and that the batteries are regularly changed out. A dead battery can lead to disaster should a fire break out.

Check Your Windows

Make sure that your windows in the apartment can easily be opened from the inside. You do not want to be in a Chicago fire safety emergency in your home and find out that the way out is blocked. Be sure to check your windows on a regular basis. Also, ensure that the fire escape window area is clear of debris and blockages at all times. Do not place items near the area so that you can ensure a clean and easy getaway should your door be inaccessible.

Make a Plan

A part of ensuring your family’s safety in a fire is making sure that you have an escape plan. Go over this on a regular basis with your family. Be sure to talk about where to meet once outside, where to go to get out of the building itself, and about never going back in if you’re out. Keep a plan nearby so that you can be reminded to go over it with your children. It’s also a good idea to practice the route on a regular basis.

These are just a few items you should ensure are on your Chicago fire safety checklist this summer.

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