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What to Know About Fire Safety in Apartments in Chicago

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What to Know About Fire Safety in Apartments in Chicago

There are certain aspects of fire safety in Chicago that you need to know if you rent an apartment. There are before, during, and after steps that you should keep in mind at all times whether you’re in a condominium or a home. These steps can mean the difference in everyone getting out safely or a tragedy taking place.

If you’re in the HOA at your condo or you’re a tenant, these are important factors to keep in the forefront of your mind at all times.

Before the Fire Starts

Make sure that you have an apartment number on your door. If there’s no number, then consult with your landlord or Chicago property manager to make sure your doors are clearly labeled. It is important that all doors are properly numbered not only for firefighters to clear the building but also for your safety in knowing how many doors are between you and the exit.

Ensure that your property manager has all the exits clearly labeled and escape plans and routes are clearly posted in all areas of the building.

Consider obtaining renters insurance as well. It’s important to protect your items from fire, theft, and have coverage in case of a natural disaster.

Also, be sure that when you’re looking to rent an apartment that you check for portable fire extinguishers and smoke detectors not only in your apartment of choice but also in the hallways and other common areas.

During a Fire

If a fire ever breaks out, keep these tips in mind when heading to safety:

  • Be smart – the priority is for you to get to safety, not to take your items with you
  • Pull the alarm – make sure the fire alarm is sounding so that everyone else can get out. If you see that the alarm is not on, pull the one closest to you as you exit
  • Use fire extinguishers – if a fire is small, try using an available fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Only use a fire extinguisher if it can be done safely. If the fire is too large, skip this step and exit the building immediately.
  • Never go back in – do not try to go back into the building once you’re out and safe. Make sure you go to your designated safe space to call for assistance and do not go back in for any reason.

After a Fire Has Occurred

In the unfortunate event that a fire has occurred at your building, then these fire safety tips in Chicago can help you know the next steps to take. Sometimes you can reenter the building and only minimal damage was done. Other times, you may be looking at a complete loss of everything you own.

Here are the steps to take if a fire has occurred in your Chicago condominium:

  • Only re-enter once cleared – The fire department and inspectors will have to clear the building and mark it as safe to reenter before you can go back in. Be sure to stay away and out of their way while they are in the clearing process.
  • Call your insurance company – They can assist you with getting the claim started and getting you back to normal.
  • Utilize the Red Cross – They can also help you get some items to get you through the first days after the fire. They may also help with finding locations for your family to stay during the time of evaluation and getting you settled again.

These are just a few things to keep in mind for your Chicago apartment fire safety.

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