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Summer Safety in your Apartment

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Summer Safety in your Apartment

When it comes to staying safe in your apartment, there are rules for every season. With summer upon us, it is important for apartment dwellers to remember how to stay safe and secure. It is not uncommon for a fire to break out in the summer months, that can lead to danger for yourself as well as your neighbors. Learning more about fire safety in Chicago can ensure that you stay safe during the summer season.

Cooking 101

During the summer, there seems to more time to cook and enjoy get together’s with family and friends. When planning an event or dinner, be sure to know your fire safety rules. Always have a fire extinguisher in the apartment in case a cooking fire were to occur. Never throw water on a grease fire as this can increase the flames.

Never grill indoors. Many apartment dwellers think if they open a window, they can grill a hamburger or hotdog indoors. This is not safe and can lead to a major fire in your home. Never bring a grill inside. If you have a balcony space, be sure to know the fire safety codes in Chicago to ensure you can use the grill safely to prepare a meal.

Smoke Detectors

It is also important to have properly functioning smoke detectors in your apartment. Whether a fire breaks out in your apartment or nearby, a smoke detector should set off an alarm once smoke is detected. In the summer, be sure to check the smoke detectors for battery life. You want to be sure fresh batteries are inserted as needed. This way, the detectors will go off, alerting yourself as well as neighbors to a fire.

Have an Escape Plan

For families as well as individuals, having an escape plan is essential to survival in an apartment fire. Everyone who lives in the home needs to be aware of how to get out and what to do in case of an emergency. During the summer, kids are often home alone or are at least out of school and in the home more often than not. Practice your escape plan during the summer as a refresher for your children.

By practicing your escape plan, you can ensure your kids know what to do and where to go in case of a fire. Practice helps to instill the plan into the brain of your child. Even when a fire is scary, they will be able to act because they have practiced the plan many times.

Speak with your Landlord

The landlord of your apartment building is responsible for ensuring all Chicago fire safety codes are followed. If you notice any issues in your building or on your level, be sure to alert the landlord. Issues could include blockages of fire escapes or stairways, exits signs are not lit up or fire extinguishers are not easily accessible on your floor.

Bring any concerns to your landlord and ensure they are taken care of right away. Your action will help to keep your family safe as well as your neighbors.

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