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What Is on A Fire Safety Inspection Report That You Should Be Aware Of?

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What Is on A Fire Safety Inspection Report That You Should Be Aware Of?

When it comes to Chicago fire safety, property owners must be aware of all rules and regulations. Staying in compliance will help you to pass a safety inspection report. A fire inspector will visit your property to complete an inspection and you want to be prepared. Fire protection features must be maintained in order to pass your inspection.

Fire Protection and Alarm Systems

In your facility, any fire protection systems, as well as alarms, must be in working order. The inspection sheet will include such items and they will be checked. If you own a building that has sprinklers, they must be in proper working order. Fire alarms must also be working correctly. Alarms and smoke detectors will be checked and reviewed by the inspector. Review all of these areas on a regular basis to ensure they are working and will pass inspection.

Certified Fire Extinguishers

Every property must have a fire extinguisher on-site to protect individuals in the event of a fire. The type of building you operate will determine the number and type of fire extinguisher you are required to have on-site. Fire extinguishers must be certified and operational. The inspector will be checking to make sure that all fire extinguishers are working and are certified. When you do not have the proper fire extinguishers, you can fail your inspection.

Emergency Lighting and Exits

In your building, the Chicago fire safety inspection will also include a review of the emergency lighting and exit areas. All emergency lighting needs to be functioning properly. This includes all light bulbs are operational and that exits are clear and easily defined.

Depending on the type of building you have, the exits may include lighted EXIT signs or flashing lights during an emergency. Every exit needs to be clearly marked and have the appropriate signage and lighting so that individuals inside know where to go and how to exit in the event of a fire.

Clear Sightlines

The fire inspector will also be reviewing the outside of your building and checking for sightlines. The fire department needs to be able to recognize your building. The address needs to be clearly marked so that your property can be found if a fire occurs and 911 is called.

Any fire hydrants need to be clear of debris on the property. Any bushes or other landscaping must remain clear of the fire hydrant so that the fire department can easily access water when a fire occurs nearby.

These are just a few key points that are included in a fire safety inspection. When you own a property in Chicago, all fire safety measures must be considered and approved during an inspection. When taking on the new property, be sure to familiarize yourself with fire safety regulations and ensure that your new building is in compliance.

By following fire safety laws, you not only protect your new investment but you also protect the lives of those living or working inside.

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