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Healthcare Facility Fire Safety Tips


Healthcare Facility Fire Safety Tips

When it comes to healthcare facilities, the property is designed to care for people in the best way possible. However, the layout and equipment used in such facilities can increase the risk of fire, which puts the residents or patients at a higher risk of injury or death. Chicago fire safety protocols must be followed in healthcare facilities with programs and services in place to ensure those inside the facility are removed with ease if a fire were to occur.

When operating a healthcare facility, it is important to recognize the need for proper fire safety initiatives and work to reduce the hazards as well as increase safety within the facility. Below are a few tips to help you get started with upgrading your Chicago fire safety protocols.

Typical Fire Safety Concerns in The Healthcare Environment

In a healthcare facility, there are several areas that are a potential fire hazard. Kitchen equipment is often a contributor to fires starting as well as too much equipment hooked up to electrical outlets. As the operator of such a facility, the kitchen staff needs to be trained on how to react in the event of a fire. Have fire extinguishers on hand to put out small fires and have equipment reviewed on a regular basis to ensure there are no problems that could lead to a fire.

With healthcare equipment, have staff members use electrical outlets without overloading them. Be sure your electrical system is up to date and there are no issues with wiring. An electrical fire is another leading cause of fire in healthcare facilities and can lead to injury or death of patients.

It is also important to consider any flammable chemicals that are stored in the facility as well as oxygen supplies. Certain types of chemicals along oxygen is highly flammable and can cause an explosion if not cared for correctly. All staff members should be trained in the proper handling and storage of such supplies.

Employee Fire Safety Training

Another key factor in keeping residents safe is employee fire safety training. With proper Chicago fire safety procedures in place, your facility can operate effectively an everyone able to escape in the event of a fire. Your facility needs to have an evacuation plan that every employee understands clearly. Exit signs should be clearly marked and maps located throughout the facility to indicate how to leave the premises.

Complete regular training checks for fire safety, going over how each patient or resident needs to be removed. Individuals should have given jobs in the event of a fire, including specific patients to remove from the facility.

In a healthcare environment, you will have patients that are unable to get out of bed or unable to walk without assistance. A plan needs to be in place on how to remove these patients quickly if a fire occurs.

By having a plan in place and promoting a safe work environment, if a fire were to break out, your employees will be prepared. The goal is to see everyone safely removed from the facility, and all actions taken to ensure everyone is void of injury. Consider how you can make changes today to better protect your healthcare facility.

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