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Managing Fire Risk in Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

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Managing Fire Risk in Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

A warehouse and manufacturing facility are both at risk of fire, just like any business. However, the risk can be greater depending on the types of products or materials stored as well as the work being completed. Machinery and equipment pose a higher threat and fire damage can be devastating to the livelihood of the business. To keep employees safe and such facilities protected from ire, it is important to take fire safety seriously. Learning more about Chicago fire safety tips and protocols will help your business survive in the event of a fire.

Install Commercial Protection Systems

The first line of defense for a large property like a manufacturing plant or warehouse is a commercial fire protection system. According to Chicago fire safety protocols, your facility should have fire extinguishers to put out small fires. You can also install a fire sprinkler system or suppression system to assist in putting out larger fires.

Such systems are vital as they can counter the fire from the time it starts and give an emergency response team time to reach your property. The fire will not be able to grow as large as it would without the system which can mean your business sees less damage.

Have an Evacuation Plan

For your employee’s safety, you must have an evacuation plan within your warehouse or manufacturing plant. Every employee needs to know how to safely exit the building from their station if a fire occurs. Take time out of the workday every few months to practice the escape plan. Make sure everyone knows how to leave the building and where to meet up so a head count can take place.

Make Fire Safety Training Mandatory

A few times a year, it is essential that you take time to schedule mandatory fire safety training for your employees. Each member of your team needs to be educated on Chicago fire safety. This includes showing employees the location of fire extinguishers as well as other equipment that can be used to put out fires.

Employees need to know how to properly operate machinery in order to avoid fire as well as how certain products or materials should be housed. By information your employees and educating them properly, you add a layer of protection for your business.

Keep the Property Clean

In a warehouse or plant facility, it can be easy for such a large space to gather dirt and grime as well as an overabundance of ‘stuff’. Make sure that workspaces stay clean of garbage and clutter. When you have paper, work materials and garbage in one area, it can create a risk of fire. This is especially true when you have highly combustible materials within the workplace.

Consider the type of materials used within your facility and always make sure employees clean up and store items correctly. Have certain fire extinguishers on hand to put out the flames of a fire based on the igniter. This is important to ensure that a fire can be put out correctly.

Taking the time to review your fire safety protocols within a warehouse or plant facility will ensure that your employees are safe as well as your property and business operations.

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