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Protecting the Office: What Fire Extinguishers to Use for Servers and Computers

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Protecting the Office: What Fire Extinguishers to Use for Servers and Computers

Most offices today require the use of computers and servers due to tech needs. In such spaces, it is essential to have proper Chicago fire safety protocols in place to ensure everyone is safe in the event of a fire. A fire can occur at any time, particularly in a setting that involves electronic components. One element to consider is the fire extinguisher. If you do not have the right type in your work space, it can lead to major issues if a fire breaks out.

Why Type Is Important

Imagine a fire has broken out in your server room. If you use the wrong type of fire extinguisher, it may not put the fire out and it could harm your equipment. You want to put out the flames but also protect your valuable equipment.

An electrical fire involving a computer or other electronic equipment will require a certain type of fire extinguisher. If you were to use, for example, a wager extinguisher, it would do more harm than good in your workplace.

A clean agent fire extinguisher is used for Class C fires. Types that can be used include a Halocarbon-Based extinguisher. This is a good option for sensitive computer equipment. They are perfect for electronics because they do not leave behind a residue that can be damaging.

Another option is a CO2 fire extinguisher. This type is used in electrical fires as well and comes in handy when high-value equipment is on fire. This type of extinguisher can be used for Class C or B fires. They do not leave residue and contain a non-contaminant gas.

Yet another option that can be used based on Chicago fire safety laws is the Halon 1211. This is an extinguisher that uses chlorofluorocarbon, liquefied gas. This type of gas is no longer produced but it is recycled for this purpose. This type of extinguisher is a nice option for electrical fires.

Having any of these fire extinguisher types on site will ensure that your electrical equipment is protected in the event of a fire.

Acting Quickly

When you have the right equipment on-site, you are able to act quickly when a fire occurs. You can spray the affected electrical equipment and stop the flames. When you do not have the right protection in place, the flames can grow quickly, leading to major damage and even injury or death of employees if not noticed quickly.

In your office space, be sure to have the right fire extinguishers on hand. If you deal with electronic components on a regular basis, review your fire safety protection methods. Check any fire extinguishers on hand. You need basic options for traditional fires as well as options that will work if electrical components become alight.

With the right protections in place, you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is protected as well as employees and clients. Review the protections you have on a regular basis, making any necessary changes as needed.

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