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Fire Safety for Employees in the Workplace

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Fire Safety for Employees in the Workplace

Fire hazards are all around us. We often have a fire escape plan set in place for our home, but we have to keep in mind fire safety at our places of work. Depending on the type of job you have, fire escape plans can be simple or more complex depending on the building size and amount of employees. It is important for both safety and legal liability that all workplaces have a fire escape plan and regular fire drills to ensure all employees are well aware of the fire escape plan. To ensure all employees are knowledgeable in fire safety you will want to make sure they have been properly trained in fire prevention. You will want to teach and discuss Chicago fire safety in the workplace with all your staff members.

You will want to assess the work environment and consider any fire hazards or potential dangerous areas. You can also utilize a company such as Connected Fire to come and assess and inspect your building for the best escape plan and ensure your building is up to code for your city. You will also want to make sure any appliances you use in the workplace are properly taken care of and turned off when not in use. Things like microwaves and coffee machines can quickly cause a fire if they are overcrowded or near any water or heat sources. If you have appliances or machines that can cause fires, always make sure to have fire extinguishers nearby.

Don’t allow employees to keep certain potential fire hazards in their offices. For example, candles shouldn’t be allowed in the workplace. Offer alternatives such as wall plug-ins or air freshener sprays. If employees are allowed to have small space heaters you will want to ensure they are counted for and remind employees to turn them off when not in use. Make sure you let your staff know of any prohibited appliances or items.

Make sure you teach your employees how to properly handle a fire in the workplace. Have established procedures set in place to follow. Discuss where the fire alarms and fire extinguishers are in each area of your workplace. Have a professional train your employees on how to use a fire extinguisher correctly. Even though it can seem like a simple thing to do, make sure your staff is trained regularly and have refresher courses so they don’t forget.

In case of a fire make sure there is a fire escape plan. Always have this fire escape plan printed and given to each employee. You can also post fire escape route maps throughout your workplace for easy access in case of a fire. Each and every employee should know to follow protocol and meet in a designated safe place. You will want to have fire drills so everyone is on the same page and well rehearsed in case there is a real fire.

By having your staff well prepared you can not only prevent fires but also make sure your employees are safe in case of a fire.

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