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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.
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Fire Safety Portal Makes Life Easy For Condo Managers


Fire Safety Portal Makes Life Easy For Condo Managers

Are you managing a Chicago condo and you’re feeling overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the fire safety reports and regulations? Then you’ve come to the right place. As a leading Chicago fire safety manager, Connected Fire is here to help you take the hassle out of reports and regulations. Fire records are vitally important and you must be able to access them at a moment’s notice. That’s where the company's fire safety portal comes in. You can rely on expert service and record keeping to make life simple for you if there’s ever a question.

Fire Inspections

You must be able to access your records whenever you have an inspection. It’s part of your compliance to prove that you have done your part in keeping the tenants protected in the event of a fire. A lack of record keeping, and organization can cause you to be charged with hefty penalties. The Fire Safety Portal here is easy to learn and manage so that you have records at a moments notice.

In Case Of Fire

If someone is ever injured or tragically lost in a fire in your building, you must be able to provide records stating that all fire safety equipment was properly maintained and inspected. Board members and HOA members don’t realize that they can be held personally liable in these events. The Fire Safety Portal will help prevent that. You can easily prove to anyone who needs to see where inspections were done, maintenance or repair were performed, and that all safety equipment was in place properly.


You need to keep a very properly documented inventory record of all your equipment on site. There are some pieces you are required to keep and others are good to have in case of fire. Making sure that everything is kept in order and easily accessed is vital to having it when you need it. Inventory reporting helps you also see when items were purchased, maintained or repaired last, and when you need to replace them.


You also have easy access to invoice reports when you need them. If the accounting department needs to see receipts or balance books, all work done in invoices can easily be accessed anywhere you are.

Proper Chicago fire safety standards include having proper record keeping. This makes sure that you do not have to face a lawsuit or legal issues if something happens. During fire safety inspections your inspector will want access to all records to ensure it’s all in line. You can easily face any fire safety protocol in Chicago with a talented team on your side.

Contact Connected Fire today to see how we can help you ensure you’re in compliance no matter what comes your way. We are here to help you get back to doing what you do best, managing the condo and providing tenants with the best place to live. Count on us to help you record, maintain, and repair all fire safety equipment.

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