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Fire Safety 101: Winterizing Sprinkler Systems

teacher Fire Safety 101: Winterizing Sprinkler Systems The winter months create an increased fire hazard due to several factors. Fireplaces, portable heaters, and electrical wiring are only a few examples as to how fires can start in a home or business. In the winter, you want to ensure your sprinkler system is in proper working order. During this season, as fires can be more rampant, your sprinkler system may not work properly due to frozen pipes. For proper Chicago fire safety, ensure that your system is operating effectively with regular maintenance and winterization measures. Winterizing Your Fire Sprinkler System By taking...
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5 Fire Safety Myths Everyone Should Know

dreamcatcher 5 Fire Safety Myths Everyone Should Know Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or a consumer, there are fire safety myths out there that put you at risk. When you fully understand Chicago fire safety, what to believe and what not to believe, you are safer. By reviewing the myths below, you can avoid an accident or even death in the event of a fire. Caring for yourself as well as your property ensures you can be safe no matter what. All Sprinklers Work All the Time Sprinklers provide property protection and lifesaving benefits. A building with sprinklers will...
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Fire Safety Tips for The New Year

fireworks 1 Fire Safety Tips for The New Year Did you realize that a smoke alarm will not always work, even if it has new batteries? That is just one of the many new year fire safety tips in Chicago that you need to keep in mind as you bring in 2020. Staying safe as you bring in a new year is important so that you can enjoy the time with friends and family. No matter if you’re in an apartment or home, these fire safety tips can help you to reduce risk and enjoy a safe new year celebration. Know Your...
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Holiday Fire Safety Tips

holly Holiday Fire Safety Tips The season is upon you where all your friends and family gather to celebrate this joyous time of year. It is also a time where heaters are being turned on, candles are lit, and lights are on non-stop in your apartment. It is very important that during this holiday season you remember a few fire safety tips to make sure you’re protected and can truly enjoy this season. Here are a few tips for you to keep in the forefront of your mind as you’re celebrating throughout the next several weeks. Remember The Candle While you...
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Fire Safety Tips for Your Apartment

apartment Fire Safety Tips for Your Apartment Keeping your family safe in your apartment is more than just locking the doors and windows. There’s fire safety in Chicago tips that you need to keep in mind to help keep your family and your apartment safe should a fire break out. Keep these tips close by and also share them with your family as you prepare your home for the holidays. Use Surge Protectors One simple step that can keep your home safe is by installing surge protectors for your electronics. This will help you to keep multiple units such as your...
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