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Requirements for carbon monoxide detectors in Chicago condo buildings

For a condo association, you will need a carbon monoxide detector installed in any room containing a heating unit that utilizes fossil fuel. (Refers to common areas only) For example, if your building has a centralized heating system that uses coal, natural gas, kerosene, oil, propane or wood as fuel, a carbon monoxide detector will be required in the same room as the heating system.

The sections of the Chicago Building Code related to carbon monoxide detectors (that affect condo associations) are as follows:

13-64-280 Carbon monoxide detectors – Buildings heated by central fossil fuel powered heating unit.
In every building that is heated by one main central fossil fuel powered heating unit, and that is not exempted under Section 13-64-200, one approved carbon monoxide detector must be installed in the room containing the central heating unit.

13-64-290 Fossil fuel defined.
Whenever used in this chapter, the term “fossil fuel” shall include coal, natural gas, kerosene, oil, propane and wood.

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