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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.
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Don’t Ignore the Law! Make Sure Your Condo is in Compliance!

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Don’t Ignore the Law! Make Sure Your Condo is in Compliance!

Are you a member of a condominium board in Illinois? Do you know and understand the legal ramifications if you do not follow the fire safety regulations in the city? If not, then it’s time you learned! You do not want to risk the danger of not being in compliance and facing the costly ramifications of doing so.

It is your responsibility as a board member to ensure that your building remains in compliance with all fire safety regulations at all times. If for any reason you are not, you could face hefty penalties and lawsuits. To make sure you’re always in Illinois fire safety compliance, you want to know the risks involved, how to avoid them, and what you’re required to have onsite at all times.

Know the Law

In reality, the laws in Illinois are there to protect your property and the people who live in the building. When you are on the board of a condominium, you need to make sure that you know what is required of you and how to make sure it is in place at all times. In recent years, Illinois is adding to its fire safety screening inspectors with new staff to make sure that inspections can happen at a more frequent pace. In doing this, you need to make sure your building is ready at a moment’s notice.

The easiest and safest way to do that is by working with a Illinois fire safety compliance company such as Connected Fire Safety Services. This experienced team is always updated on the latest in fire safety regulations and can help you make sure all the necessary safety items are in place and in date. Without this type of company on your side, you could face huge fines and legal ramifications if you’re found out of compliance.

What Risks are Involved?

Knowing the law is only half the equation of fire safety in Illinois . The other half is knowing what risks are involved if your building is found lacking in the safety department. Some of those risks include:

  • Loss of protection – Say that your building does suffer damage from a fire. If you have kept up with the fire safety regulations in Illinois, then your insurance company will provide liability coverage in the case of a lawsuit. However, if it can be proven that you did not keep up with the proper safety measures in place, you can lose that coverage altogether. You can also lose the coverage for your insurance company to repair any damages if they find that you did not have the proper safety equipment in place.
  • Costly, drawn-out lawsuits – If you have a fire in your building and someone is injured or dies, you can face a long drawn out legal battle. You can be sure that lawsuits will come if this happens in the building. As a board member, you can be held liable personally for this issue if the proper fire safety protocols are not in place.

The risks are simply not worth it when you’re talking fire safety in Illinois. As a board member of the condominium association, it is imperative that you all work together with a company who can ensure legal compliance at all times.

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