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Fire Safety Tips for Tenants of a Condominium

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Fire Safety Tips for Tenants of a Condominium

Living in Chicago in a condominium offers easy access to all the city has to offer. It provides a beautiful setting for you to enjoy the perks of the city all while having a place to call your own. One of the many things you should do as a tenant in a Chicago condominium is keep yourself updated on fire safety tips.

While your Chicago condominium has a variety of fire safety precautions in place already, you need to know a few tips you can do to help prevent tragedy from breaking out in your apartment. Take a look at these fire safety tips Chicago below to help you be prepared and cautious in your own home.

Monthly Fire Alarm Checks

If you do not have a fire alarm already in your personal apartment, discuss it with your landlord and get one in place. You can also consider installing carbon monoxide detectors as well since the gas heating can cause issues if leaks are not found right away. It’s best to test your alarms once a month to make sure they are in good working order. Also, ensure that the batteries are changed out at least once a year.

Open Flames Require Caution

If you have a gas stove in your apartment that uses an open flame, be very mindful every time you cook. Make sure that any type of flammable material such as potholders is away from the stove at all times. Always keep an eye on the stove when cooking as food that boils over can cause a kitchen fire without a moments notice.

Consider going with a tart warmer instead of an open flame candle. This will give you a refreshing scent throughout your home without the risk of a fire hazard in your Chicago condominium.

Know the Fire Safety Routes

As a tenant of a high-rise, you need to know the proper fire safety routes at all times. Practice leaving the apartment down the stairs or following the set route to get out of the building in case of an emergency. Your HOA or Chicago condominium association should have these routes posted in plain sight at all times. If they are not, then you should request an updated plan put in place on your floor.

Electrical Hazards

Be sure to check your electrical outlets as well. Use surge protectors to make sure that your outlet is not overloaded at all times. An electrical fire can be devastating to the entire building. Make a plan to also check your electrical cords once a month to ensure there are no broken cords or fraying wires.

Be Aware When Using Laundry Facilities

If your Chicago property offers laundry facilities, there are precautions to take there as well. Fires can start in the laundry room just as they can start anywhere else. Be cautious of how much you put into the dryer and always clean out the lint trap before using. Your Chicago property owner should also make sure that the vents are cleaned out on a regular basis as well.

These are just a few fire safety tips for your Chicago condominium to help protect yourself and others from tragedy. Be sure to put these tips in place to help you have peace of mind as you enjoy condo life.

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