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Fire Prevention: Cooking Safety Tips for Your Tenants


Fire Prevention: Cooking Safety Tips for Your Tenants

Owning a Chicago condominium is a great way to get into the real estate investment game. However, as an HOA manager or as the owner of the building, it’s important that your tenants know how to keep themselves safe, and your building. Sharing prevention tips and safety tips at your regular monthly meetings of the HOA would be a great way to start sharing fire safety in Chicago. If you do not have regularly scheduled meetings, consider setting them up so that your tenants are aware of tips and tricks to keep everyone home, safe, and protected.

Here are a few fire safety tips for the kitchen when it comes to your tenants. Be sure to print these out to give to your tenants so they have a copy they can put on their refrigerator.

Be Aware of What’s Around the Burner

Whether you have a gas burner or an electric one, it’s important to keep flammable items as far away as possible. Many times, a kitchen fire can be started by a potholder or rag simply being too close to the burner. Before you know it, a fire has broken out. Make sure that all dishrags, potholders, and even your shirt sleeves are far from the flames. If you’re wearing long sleeves, consider rolling them up so that you do not take a chance of it catching when you’re working with the pots and pans.

Always Watch the Stove

All it takes for a fire hazard to happen is a second. It’s very important that someone responsible is always in the kitchen when cooking is taking place. Whether it’s the oven or the stovetop, part of Chicago apartment fire safety is to be attentive to the kitchen appliance. Make sure to always be attentive to the eyes you’re using and make sure the oven is clear of any unnecessary items that could be a fire hazard.

Don’t Panic

If a fire happens to start in your pot, do not panic. First, if it’s a grease fire then do not use water. This will make the fire spread and could explode causing major damage to you and the apartment. The first thing to do is turn off the eye and cover the pot with a lid if possible. Then use a fire extinguisher or use some of your household baking soda to help put it out. If you cannot control it, don’t waste time.


While you may think this is common sense, some people do not know to avoid putting metal into a microwave. If you do, this will start a fire. Be sure that you only use microwave-safe dishes in the unit to prevent fire issues in your Chicago condominium.

Fire Safety Training

Also, consider having someone such as Connected Fire Safety Services to come in and check the safety systems you have in place. They can also share more tips on how to get out of the building safely should a fire occur, how often to check and change fire alarm batteries and other safety tips.

Fire safety is no laughing matter. You want to make sure your tenants and your building are protected at all times.

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