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Are You Being Fire Safe in Your Condominium?


Are You Being Fire Safe in Your Condominium?

As a resident of a Chicago condominium, you probably have certain safety measures in place. You most likely keep your doors locked, make sure you’re safe when heading out and you’re always making sure the windows are shut before you leave. But what about fire safety? Have you checked to make sure that your unit, and you, are ready should a fire break out? What about preventing fires?

There are many tips you can utilize to fireproof your condo and make sure that you and your family are safe. You want to keep these tips in mind when it comes to managing your day to day in the condominium and ensure Chicago fire safety standards are in place.

Electricity is Powerful

Be sure that you understand that power of electricity and you treat it as such. It is vital that you do not overload outlets or snatch plugs out of them too quickly. Make sure to use surge protectors so that you can have multiple plugs in the outlet safely if needed. Do not leave items plugged in that are not necessary. You also need to make sure to speak up to your landlord (if applicable) about any electrical issues you may notice. If you notice things are not functioning as they should or perhaps you’ve noticed faulty wiring in the building, speak up. Electrical fires are the cause of many homes burning down and you do not want to let things slide.

Use Common Sense

If you love the smell of candles or like to grill out on a charcoal grill, be responsible. Make sure to never leave an open flame unattended. Do not go to sleep with candles lit in your home as you never know what could happen. Be sure that all fires are put out before you leave the Chicago condominium or before retiring for the night. These things are great additions to have but you must use them responsibly.

Fire Extinguishers and CO2 Detectors

If you have portable fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide detectors in your unit, make sure they are working. Check them each month to ensure that the batteries are still good and that they function properly. If you notice that they are not working as they should, report it to your landlord or property manager. This can help you to avoid being caught in a bad situation should something go wrong in your home. Change the batteries on a regular basis and make sure to speak up if something is not quite right.

Escape Routes are Important

Don’t just have a “plan” of a route. Make sure that you practice the route on a routine basis. This way your entire family is prepared should tragedy strike.

These are just a few ways you can protect yourself and make sure you are fire safety ready in your Chicago condominium. Whether you are a new tenant, or you’ve been there for some time, put these tips into place for you. It can mean the difference between making it out safely and not.

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