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5 Reasons Your Commercial Building Could Fail Fire Safety Inspections

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5 Reasons Your Commercial Building Could Fail Fire Safety Inspections

As a condominium owner in Chicago, it is important that your building is up to code with all fire safety regulations. Whether you are a new investor or you’re a seasoned owner, you need to remember that fire safety inspections are a huge part of keeping your property up and running.

There are many aspects of the inspections and you need to be on top of them before your inspector arrives. If you’re getting ready for an inspection or just want to make sure your Chicago property is fire ready, then here are a few of the common reasons failure may happen.

Fire Alarm System

When it comes to a fire alarm system in your building, it needs to be tested and inspected on an annual basis. You need a local fire alarm company to come in and make sure that everything is in good working order so that you know it works should a fire break out. If you do not have a fire safety company in Chicago, it’s time to get one. A company such as Connected Fire Safety Services can help you make sure everything is working properly so you do not fail your inspection.

Obstructed Pathways

One huge factor of your fire safety inspection is that your residents can leave the building safely without obstruction. This means all hallways, stairways, and exits must be clear of any obstruction. You need to ensure that your residents also understand this fact as any obstructed pathway can be grounds for failing your commercial inspection.

Proper Sprinkler System Servicing

Another aspect of your building that must be serviced by a Chicago fire safety company is the sprinkler system. Most commercial buildings have these, and your complex may as well. It is part of the first line defense when a fire breaks out. If you do not have them serviced annually and inspected, it can cause you to not pass the inspection when it’s time.

Outlets Properly Covered

A common cause of fires in a Chicago condominium is an electrical fire. They can wreak havoc on a building and the tenants inside. It is important that all electrical outlets, junction boxes, and circuit breaker panels are covered properly. Make sure to check these on a regular basis as part of your fire inspection yourself to ensure they are all covered and protected.

Exit Doors

One other aspect of a fire safety inspection that can be cause for failure is the exit doors. Try to check them on a regular basis and ensure they are easy to open from the inside of the building. This is the main way out of a building in the event of a fire and they have to be easily accessible. If the doors are stuck or cannot be opened from the inside, you could not only face the failure of inspection, it can also be a tragedy in the making should fire break out.

Be sure to avoid failing your fire safety inspection by working with Connected Fire Safety Services. They will ensure you’re in compliance, and that you and your building tenants are protected.

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