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Summer Time Means Updating Your Fire Safety Knowledge


Summer Time Means Updating Your Fire Safety Knowledge

As a renter in Chicago, it’s important that you update your fire safety knowledge on a regular basis. That means whether you’re in a condominium or rental home, you need to have regular fire safety checks. Summertime brings on a lot of fun and outdoor activities, including BBQ’s. Even if you do not own a grill, if anyone in your complex does, you should be extra aware and remind yourself of these tips often.

There are several fire safety tips you should keep in mind as a Chicago condominium tenant. You can work with your property manager onsite or you can do this on your own. Keep these fire safety tips posted and where everyone in your home is aware of what to do should a fire break out.

Know Your Exit Strategy

Part of getting out safely if a fire breaks out is to know the exits that are available. You need to know exactly how many doors are between you and the exit stairwell. You also need to decide which exit door is closest to your apartment and have that as your planned escape route. Knowing the number of doors between you and the exit is critical because if a fire breaks out there may be too much smoke to see where you’re going. If you’ve planned ahead of time, you know how many to go through before you should be at the exit.

Know Where the Fire Extinguishers Are

In most cases, it is a requirement that portable fire extinguishers are available on every floor. It is important that you know where they are in case of an emergency. If the fire is small, it can possibly be contained using a fire extinguisher before spreading to the entire building. However, do not try to take care of a fire if it is a larger one. Be safe and know when it is best to exit and let it go.

Check Alarms

When was the last time your smoke detector batteries were changed? Do you know? If not, then it’s time to change them out. A good rule of thumb in any Chicago apartment is to change out the batteries every time you change the clocks. That way you know they are changed out at least twice a year. It is important that your property manager also changes out any smoke alarms in the halls as well. They can work with the team at Connected Fire Safety Services to ensure the entire building is in fire compliance.

Fire Safety Drills

It is important that you conduct fire safety drills with your family. Make sure you practice getting out of the complex, where to go when you’re out and to remember that no one is to go back inside for any reason. It is important that you practice these drills to make sure your family is ready if a fire emergency happens.

Be sure to keep these Chicago fire safety tips in mind so that you’re always ready.

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