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Stay on Top of the Lighting in Your Chicago Building

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Stay on Top of the Lighting in Your Chicago Building

Have you ever been to a building and noticed that some of the light bulbs weren’t working? How about going to a building at night and you can’t see to get in as the lighting outside is burned out? This is not only annoying, it is unsafe. As a Chicago property owner, you must ensure that all lighting both inside and out is working properly at all times.

If you have an event such as a fire break out or another building issue where evacuation is necessary, it is up to you to ensure that the owners of the building can get out without issue. That includes making sure your bulbs in all lighting are changed regularly. To do this easily you can work with a company such as Connected Fire Safety Management to ensure your bulbs, and other fire safety equipment, are handled properly.

Here are some of the benefits of working with Connected Fire Safety to make sure your lighting is in order.

No More Complaints

Avoid resident complaints and possible issues with legal compliance by making sure all the bulbs are changed out. As a property owner or HOA member, you must ensure that your building is safe for your residents. Lighting that is out can be a huge safety issue. You can avoid issues by making sure your bulbs are always working.

No More Hassle

It can be difficult to change some of the light bulbs depending on how high up they are and where they are located. Let someone else take care of this for you as part of your regular fire safety precautions. The team at Connected Fire Safety can make sure that all the bulbs are changed out on a regular basis to ensure the proper lighting is available.

Less Cost

If you have to hire someone else to come sporadically to change out bulbs, that can be an expensive trip. It’s best to have it as part of your routine safety inspections so that every bulb is on the same timeframe for replacing.

Risk is Reduced

Let’s face it. You as the board member can be held liable for any injury due to faulty lighting in a building in the case of an evacuation. To help avoid costly lawsuits and penalties, you need to ensure that your building is safe at all times. That means making sure that all safety precautions with lighting are in place. Working with an experienced fire safety team in Chicago can help you do just that.

Lighting is just as important as having fire extinguishers, fire escape routes, and smoke alarms. Without proper lighting in place, there can be severe injuries in the event of an evacuation. Trust Connected Fire Safety with all your Chicago fire safety needs to make sure your building, and your residentsc, are protected.

Contact them today to set up an inspection and to ensure that you’re in compliance with all Chicago fire safety laws.

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