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Does Your Family Know What to do During a Fire?

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Does Your Family Know What to do During a Fire?

When living in an apartment in Chicago, it is important to cover all aspects of safety, including fire safety. As a parent, it is a must to learn what to do in case of a fire and have a plan of action. Most families do not take the proper precautions and when living in an apartment, a fire can start around you, resulting in the need for escape. By learning more about fire safety in Chicago, you will be able to better protect your family. Below are a few tips to ensure your family’s safety.

Readying Your Apartment

When it comes to Chicago fire safety, there are steps you can take to ensure your apartment is ready in the event of a fire. For starters, you want to make sure that your apartment is clearly marked. The number of your unit needs to be listed on the outside and labeled appropriately. This way, if you must call the fire department, they can find you right away.

Make sure that every family member knows where the exits are in your apartment building. Are there multiple exits you can take to get outside the building? Practice getting out of the apartment in case of a fire so that everyone knows which way to go and where to meet up.

The apartment should also have fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in place. The building you live in should also have such items located throughout the floors for easy access in case of a fire as well as warning systems.

Practicing every aspect of fire safety, even with small children, helps everyone in your family to be prepared if a fire were to break out. It is important to also talk about 911 and how to speak to emergency services in order to have the fire department sent to your dwelling. Discussing fire safety on a regular basis keeps the information fresh in one’s mind and helps everyone to be prepared if disaster strikes.

Practice Makes Perfect

With Chicago fire safety, the only way to be prepared for a fire is to practice your plan of action. Once a month, practice leaving the apartment in case of a fire. Talk about the exits you have as well as how one should act based on how much smoke or fire is in the vicinity. As your children age, they will better understand your plan and more capable of handling themselves in a fire.

When living in an apartment building, there should be aspects that are considered during your exit. Does the apartment building have fire alarms? Do you know where they are? The fire alarm should be sounded as you exit the building for the safety of others. Locate all portable fire extinguishers between your unit and the exit doors of the building and make sure that your family members understand how to use them.

If you do not have these features in your apartment building, speak to the landlord to ensure the fire safety measures are being taken to ensure not only your family’s safety but everyone in the home.

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