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What is the Fire Safety Portal with Connected Fire?


What is the Fire Safety Portal with Connected Fire?

When it comes to staying in compliance with Chicago fire safety, it is important that you have more than just a few fire extinguishers on hand. You need to keep solid records on what maintenance and repairs you have done, what equipment you have, and any other compliance related record where you have easy access.

That is where Connected Fire comes in. They have years of experience in helping HOA boards just like yours to stay in compliance with the ever-changing fire safety code. The best thing for you to do is check out their services to see how their fire safety portal can help you. Take a look below at all the information the portal has to offer.


It is important that you know exactly the services that were performed on your building at all times. This is not only important for proof of services, but also so that your accounting department can keep proper records of paid services. You’ll find in the fire safety portal that you can see your invoices of all services rendered at any time, day or night, at your convenience.

Fire Equipment Inventory Report

When it comes to Chicago fire extinguishers and compliance, you need to keep accurate records of all your fire safety equipment on-site. You should be able to produce a list of everything in your condo building at a moment’s notice. That is what your inventory reports do. They are a fluid report that allows the technicians to update it at every visit with the current equipment on-site. The technician will also use this particular report to help know what needs to be serviced or checked on each visit.

Equipment Service Reports

Whenever a technician comes to your condo in Chicago, they will provide a service report. This allows you to see at a glance what was repaired, maintained/serviced etc. in your building whenever you need to. It will tell you any parts that were replaced, what steps were taken in checking your equipment, and more. This allows you to have the vital proof that you are keeping your fire extinguishers serviced and in working order should the unfortunate circumstance of a fire in the building take place.

Analysis of the Needs in Your Building

Whenever you become a new client of Connected Fire, you’ll receive a detailed needs analysis. This will inform you of everything you have on site, what the team recommends, what service is needed, etc. It is a detailed report showcasing what you have and what you need to keep in compliance with fire safety in Chicago. It also gives you the breakdown of cost as well for getting your building in compliance.

These items are vital in caring for your Chicago fire safety when you’re a property owner or the HOA board. Whatever your position, it is important that your tenants are kept safe, all fire equipment is working, and that you have peace of mind if a fire breaks out.

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