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Risk of Skipping Out on Fire Safety Compliance


Risk of Skipping Out on Fire Safety Compliance

As a condo owner or HOA member, you must know and understand the legal issues that can arise if you skip a fire inspection or equipment repair. Staying in fire safety compliance in Chicago is an important part of your ownership. It is a vital component to ensure the safety of your residents, protection of your investment, and to reduce the risk of costly legal issues should a fire arise.

You need to understand what can happen if your fire safety is not properly maintained. It could mean detrimental consequences that you can easily avoid. Check out the risk of letting fire safety in Chicago go by the wayside below.

Liability Protection

Unfortunately, fires do arise and there are a few things you should be aware of as a board member. If you and your team have not taken proper fire safety precautions, you could lose the liability protection your insurance company provides. What does that mean? Board members can face a personal lawsuit when it comes to tragedy breaking out. In most cases, your insurance provides coverage for that instance. They will pay for the costs of defending the board and typically any settlement that is needed.

However, you have to be in compliance. If your insurance company can prove that the board members did not have fire safety in Chicago compliance, the insurance company will not pay. That means that any defense or settlement is coming out of your own pocket.

Negligence Lawsuit

If a fire breaks out and ends in tragedy, you can bank on lawsuits coming. However, if you’ve done everything that was supposed to be done, you’ll be protected. Most board members on the condo board association are shocked to find they can be held liable for negligence personally. That means those families are going to come after each member of the board. This is why it is so important that you ensure all fire safety in Chicago is taken care of with a trusted team such as Connected Fire.

Paying for Repairs Yourself

Another costly consequence of not keeping in compliance comes in with repairs on your building. If your insurance company discovers you weren’t keeping up with maintenance and repairs, you can lose your coverage. They can refuse to pay for any building repairs needed after a fire breaks out. It is highly critical that you always keep up with compliance.

Easy Way to Keep Up

Connected Fire makes it simple to ensure your building and tenants are always protected. By working with the talented team there, you can reduce the chance of coverage being denied due to negligence. They’ll ensure that your fire safety records and equipment are in order throughout the year. Whether it is repairs or maintenance records you need, Connected Fire has you covered. Contact them today to ensure that all your Chicago fire safety precautions are taken care of and that your building is covered. Do not risk a lawsuit or losing coverage over something simple and easy to fix.

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