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Myths About Winter Fire Safety

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Myths About Winter Fire Safety

When it comes to Chicago fire safety, it is important to learn all the facts and dispel myths. During the winter season, many homeowners have the wrong idea about fire safety and end up paying the price, be it injury and even death. Learning more about common myths involving fire safety and the winter season will help keep you and your family safe. Check out a few myths below and inform your family about fire safety for the upcoming season.

You Have Five Minutes to Get Out during a House Fire

This is not true. Once a fire is in the home, do not delay. Get out immediately. A small flame can turn into a huge fire in less than 30 seconds. It is not uncommon for a house fire to double in size every minute it rages on. Smoke and the heat can affect you immediately. Chicago fire safety dictates that everyone should leave the home as soon as possible to avoid injury or death.

Smoke Detectors Provide Adequate Protection During a Fire

Smoke detectors can save lives by providing an early warning but they are not enough protection. They do not protect you from a growing fire or help those who cannot leave the home on their own, such as small children or the disabled. Often, smoke detectors are not in working order due to dead batteries or the batteries were removed.

Always have smoke detectors in place and check batteries often to ensure safety. But also have a plan in place for escape, fire extinguishers and other measures to make sure everyone can leave the home as quickly as possible.

New Space Heaters Are Safe to Run All Night

Many homeowners think that if they use a space heater in the home, they are not at risk of fire if the heater is new. This is not true. Any space heater can catch fire at any time. Fires can occur if the space heater becomes too hot, an electrical issue arises or if the heater is too close to something that is flammable.

There are many reasons why a space heater can cause a house fire. Because of this, any time you use a space heater in the home, never leave it unattended. Do not leave the home or fall asleep with the heater running. This way, the unit does not catch fire without being noticed and everyone stays safe in the home.

Candle Fires Are Not Common

This is also untrue. According to Chicago Fire Safety statistics, candle fires are common, particularly during the month of December. This month is one where holidays are spent with friends and family, with candles often lit in celebration. Because of this, candle fires occur, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Hundreds of candle fires occur due to candles being left unattended. To protect your family, be sure to blow out candles once you leave the room or home or fall asleep.

Dispelling these myths will help you to feel more protected from fire during the winter months. Be sure to safeguard your home with smoke detectors, an escape plan, and a fire extinguisher as well as other protective measures. 

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