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Fire Safety Tips for The New Year

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Fire Safety Tips for The New Year

Did you realize that a smoke alarm will not always work, even if it has new batteries? That is just one of the many new year fire safety tips in Chicago that you need to keep in mind as you bring in 2020. Staying safe as you bring in a new year is important so that you can enjoy the time with friends and family. No matter if you’re in an apartment or home, these fire safety tips can help you to reduce risk and enjoy a safe new year celebration.

Know Your Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms actually have a shelf life. That means they don’t always last and need to be changed out from time to time. These items need to be replaced around every 10 years or so. Make sure you check the date and batteries in the alarm to ensure your safety. So many tragic instances could be prevented simply by having a working smoke alarm in the home. If you remove batteries from the alarm, put them right back in. This simple mistake could cost you your life or injury during a fire.

Educate Your Family

Make sure that your family knows what to do if a fire breaks out in the home. Part of your Chicago fire safety is to have an escape route planned out and practiced. Talk with your children about where to go and what to do if the smoke alarms go off. Education is key to making sure everyone gets out safely in the event of a fire.

Get New Appliances

While you may be trying to get every last minute out of your favorite appliance, choose to be safe, not sorry. Older appliances that have been used a lot can cause a fire when you least expect it. Make sure to check the cords on the items you’re using and ensure that everything is still intact. When in doubt, throw it out!

Watchful Eye

Never leave any food that is cooking unattended. You want to make sure someone responsible is in the kitchen at all times, keeping an eye out for issues. Fires starting from cooking food are one of the leading reasons that homes are destroyed. Make sure you always check the stove and oven before leaving the kitchen as well.

Turn Off The Heaters

When you use space heaters, be sure you do not go to sleep with them still on. Keep them a safe distance away from curtains, furniture, and clothing to prevent in Chicago fire safety issues.

These are just a few ways you can help prevent a tragedy this new years and also keep your family safe during the celebration. Contact Connected Fire for more safety tips and ideas to help keep your condo or apartment building protected throughout 2020.

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