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Fire Alarm Inspections: What You Need to Know

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Fire Alarm Inspections: What You Need to Know

When it comes to protecting your property, a fire alarm system is key. A fire can occur at any time and whether it is large or small, those inside the building need to be alerted. With a properly functioning fire alarm, it will help to see small fires put out and prevent large fires from causing injury or death. Fire safety codes require fire alarm systems in businesses and getting to know your system will ensure it works correctly at all times. Learning more about inspections can help you remain in compliance and your business can function as needed, with an element of safety included.

When it comes to your fire alarm system, it needs to be inspected on a regular basis. Visual inspections should be conducted on a frequent basis and include the control panel, sensors, and batteries. The control panel components must be inspected during installation as well as during reinstallation and yearly after that point.

Sensors will need to be inspected quarterly or semi-annually based on the device after installation. For batteries of your alarm system, they must be inspected based on battery type. A primary or lead-acid battery type will need to be inspected each month. Other types of batteries, like nickel-cadmium or sealed lead-acid, will need to be inspected semi-annually.

Take a Commonsense Approach

Whether you know a great deal about fire alarm systems and Chicago fire safety codes, you can use your common sense when inspecting your system. You should be able to tell if the system is acting out of the ordinary or if something is out of place. Any loose wires or broken components signals a problem.

A trained professional will take a fire alarm system inspection and conduct it with a systematic approach. For the control panel, the power supply is reviewed, and the transponders checked to ensure they are programmed for the right address and zones.

Alarms should be connected to certain areas of the building and go off based on their location when activated. Each section must be working properly so employees or individuals in these areas are alerted if a fire is detected nearby. Any issues will be taken care of during an inspection so that the alarm will work as it should and provide adequate safety measures in the event of a fire.

Audible and pull stations of the alarm will also be inspected when you have professional help with the review. Any physical defect will need to be repaired to ensure they are functioning correctly.

You can easily review your fire alarm system regularly for proper operation. Every year, your property will be inspected by the local fire department to ensure you are up to code. With fire safety checks of your own including the alarm system, you can rest easy knowing you will pass inspection with flying colors.

You also have the added benefit of knowing anyone inside your property is safe if a fire were to occur due to being alerted and able to leave quickly.

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