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Top Tips to Prevent Fires in Apartment Buildings


Top Tips to Prevent Fires in Apartment Buildings

As a rental property owner, it is essential that you protect the building against fires. When it comes to apartment buildings, Chicago fire safety laws are clear and concise, with building owners to follow certain protocols to ensure all tenants are safe and secure. As the owner, you must make sure the building has fire protection services as well as precautions taken to prevent fires. Below are a few tips to help you learn more about proper fire prevention and what you can do to keep your building safe.

Remove Any Hazards

One of the best ways to remove the potential for a fire in your apartment building is to remove building hazards. When you have faulty heating and cooling systems in operation, this can be a fire hazard. Any repairs must be completed as needed to avoid such issues. The same can be said for gas lines, electrical equipment, etc.

Even undisposed trash or improperly stored trash can be a fire hazard. When you have cardboard and other trash items piled up, it becomes a pile that could easily ignite. Make sure that all trash is disposed of properly. In general, any potential hazards should be eliminated on-site to ensure the property is at a lower risk of fire.

Fire Protection Installations

Chicago fire safety codes require certain forms of protection inside an apartment building. Fire extinguishers should be installed on each floor and easily accessible in the event of a fire. For a multiple level unit, time needs to be taken to inspect the fire extinguishers on a regular basis to ensure they are operational.

Smoke detectors should also be installed in common areas, like the lobby, laundry room, hallways, etc. With this installation, tenants as well as any employees are alerted and can leave the premises before the fire spreads.

Tenant Requirements

If you are a new apartment rental property owner, you may not be considering tenant requirements when it comes to fire prevention. However, there are steps you can take to ensure the tenants you lease to are equipped to handle a fire situation.

First, require residents to have renter’s insurance. This way, they are protected when it comes to fire issues. Secondly, have a non-smoking policy within your units as well as grilling guidelines. You would be surprised at how many fires are caused by cigarettes as well as grilling due to not so smart decisions by tenants.

Residents also need to be aware of escape routes from the building if a fire were to occur as well as how to report the fire. Issues with smoke detectors or fire extinguishers also need to be reported to you so that replacements or repairs can be provided.

These are just a few tips you can follow to make sure your apartment building is safe and secure from fire. You never know when a fire could occur, so prevention is key to protecting your tenants as well as property. Take time to review your fire safety protocols today to ensure your building is protected.

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