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Fire Prevention: Do You Know the Most Common Cause of Fire Within Your Industry?

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Fire Prevention: Do You Know the Most Common Cause of Fire Within Your Industry?

As a business owner, you take great pride in following Chicago fire safety protocols to ensure that your business is operating in a safe and secure manner. You want to protect your employees as well as customers. To further provide protections, have you researched common causes of fire within your industry? Depending on the type of business you operate, you will be at risk in certain areas. Getting to know common causes based on industry can help you further prepare employees and the facility in the event of a fire.

Commercial Kitchens in Restaurants

If you operate a restaurant, the most common place for a fire to occur is within the commercial kitchen. Thousands of fires break out in the United States within restaurants each year with the kitchen being the hot spot. Cooking equipment such as ranges, deep fryers, rotisseries, ovens, grills and other equipment cause the majority of restaurant fires.

Commercial kitchens should have Chicago fire safety protections including a fire alarm system, proper fire extinguishers for the space and smoke alarms. Employees need to know how to handle a grease fire, electrical fire and other instances, including how to alert others and when to get out of the building.

Office Spaces

If you operate an office building, the major cause behind fires is electrical and heating equipment. The components need to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. If issues are found within the HVAC system or electrical, then repairs can be made to ensure the facility is safe from fire.

An office space is also known to house flammable and combustible materials, such as paper. It is important to have proper storage and disposal of such materials to avoid a major issue in the event of a fire. Follow Chicago fire safety laws and protect your business the right way by installing fire and smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and other fire safety equipment.

Industrial Environment

If you operate or manager an industrial space, such as a commercial manufacturing plant, then there are several common ways a fire can be started. Combustible dust becomes an issue if a spark alights the dust on the factory floor. You may also see a fire started due to flammable gases and liquids. If hot work tools are used in the space, such as torch cutting or welding, the risk of fire is increased.

In an industrial fire, there is a risk of injury and death along with major property damage. Having the right fire safety systems in place will help to cut down on injuries and damage if a fire were to occur. Fire safety systems in an industrial facility should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. If not, repairs need to be made quickly to help alert individuals inside in the event of a fire.

If you are a business owner, take time to review common causes of fire within your industry. Once you know the causes, you can evaluate your property and make changes based on what needs to be done to ensure that your facility and employees are protected.

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