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Protect Your Property With Connected Fire!

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Protect Your Property With Connected Fire!

As a member of the condominium board, you are responsible for making sure your condo and tenants are protected with fire safety in Chicago. It is important that you understand your responsibility as the member of the board but also what you need to have performed as far as safety inspections and equipment.

Discover more below on how you can help protect your condo by working with the team at Connected Fire.

Specialize in Fire Safety

First, you want a company that specializes in fire safety in Chicago. That is exactly what our company does. We work with you to make sure all of your fire safety equipment is up to code. We know that fire inspections can happen at any moment and your building needs to be prepared. That’s where we come in. We know all the equipment, stay up to date on the new codes, and help make sure everything is in place.

Know The Liability

Second, understanding the liability that is placed on you as a member is important as well. Our team makes sure everything is in place so that if you face a lawsuit, you’re protected. If a fire happens to break out and you didn’t have everything up to par, it could lead you to being personally responsible. This gives you a protection because you know that everything is as it should be.

Help You Install and Maintain Equipment

Third, we maintain everything! Part of your safety inspections will be that your equipment is maintained properly. If something isn’t working as it should, that can earn you a costly fine. Our team will maintain and repair any items that need to be before your inspection. This gives you the peace of mind that everything is ready to go when you need it.

Always Have Access

Fourth, we know that having access to your records is important. You may need access to them in a moment’s notice. That is where our online record keeping system comes into play. You can access your maintenance and repair records, inventory, and more all with one click. This gives you the ability to pull up your records whether you’re onsite at the condo or not.

If you’re in need of a solid fire safety company in Chicago, contact our team here at Connected Fire. We’re here to help you ensure your building is safe, secure, and up to date with all fire codes. Don’t risk a lawsuit against you personally or a tragedy happening. Be sure everything is where it should be and ready should a fire break out.

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