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Good Housekeeping Leads to Worksites That Are Safe!

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Good housekeeping practices are generally considered basic measures for a fire prevention plan. Worksites that practice poor housekeeping usually experience extensive fire safety concerns. Housekeeping includes simple things like fire extinguisher maintenance that safeguards properties against potential fire accidents.

Safe housekeeping practices are not limited to indoors. Both outdoor and indoor housekeeping practices are crucial for the safety of people working there.

Housekeeping Overview

Keeping your worksite clean and neat reduces the fire risk but offers added benefits, like boosting employee morale and increasing employee productivity. Three basic things included in housekeeping help prevent accidents and fire.

  • Operational cleanliness
  • Equipment arrangement and layout
  • Handling and storage of materials

How does Housekeeping Prevent Fire?

It reduces the risk of:

  • Spreading of fire
  • Causing a fire

In the case of fire prevention, you need to take simple measures. Knowing what ignites a fire helps you to take precautions. It includes maintaining and keeping electrical items in top condition to prevent fire. Keep things like cardboard boxes away from heat-generating sources. This lowers the risk of causing fire and spreading. Opting for housekeeping services will help you keep toxic or flammable materials in a safe place.

Housekeeping practices also ensure that waste products and dirt don’t build up. Note that they can create a slipping hazard when employees rush out in case of fire. Keep in mind that 8% of all burns reported are work-related. So, it’s important to prevent fire risks in your worksite. 

Housekeeping Practices To Prevent Fire

Keep Flammable Substances Away

Create safe distances between heat sources and flammable materials.

Control Heat Due To Friction

Proper maintenance and cleaning of machinery are key to preventing fires. Carefully stored and well-maintained equipment helps prevent fire due to overheating or malfunctioning.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Up To Date

Housekeeping services also provide fire extinguisher servicing that ensures your extinguisher works when needed.

Provide Access to Building

Housekeeping services ensure that a building has escape routes and fire-protection systems. Emergency personnel requires quick access to hydrants, control panels, and sprinkler connections. So, removing anything that blocks the employees from getting out or in case of emergencies is important.

Bottom Line

Chicago fire safety companies can help you practice the best housekeeping techniques to protect your building and employees. Wondering where you can find a credible company? Connected Fire can help you prevent fire and accidents on your worksite. We can offer you guidance and help you practice some measures that ensure the safety of your building. We offer fire safety equipment and extinguishers that comply with the Chicago Fire Code.

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