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Protecting Data Centers from Fire Hazards

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Protecting Data Centers from Fire Hazards

When operating a commercial facility, computers are becoming more of a necessity. From industrial workplaces to full-scale data centers, areas where computers are in operation can be a fire hazard. Most companies have no idea that their computers can cause a fire and the result can be deadly. Learning more about how to protect the data center of a business can ensure the facility remains operational, free from fire damage.

Class C Fire Protection Systems

A data center needs to have fire protection technology in place to ensure the facility will be protected as much as possible. Fires involving computers and other electronic equipment require special care. (Electrical fires = Class C fires) Most fire extinguishers will cause major damage to electrical equipment, often exceeding the damage caused by the fire itself. For proper protection of electrical equipment, clean agent fire extinguishers should be used.

Clean agent extinguishers are designed for Class C fires. They will extinguish an electrical fire without damaging the underlying equipment. Halocarbon and CO2 extinguishers are examples.


The data center of your business needs to be declutter to avoid creating a fire hazard. Clutter can easily cause a data center to become an issue. Papers need to be filed away and kept separately from the computer systems. Anything that could catch fire should be removed from this area. It can be easy for an office space to become cluttered. Keeping this area of the business neat and tidy will confirm that you are not at risk of a large fire if the data center were to become overheated.

Power Cord Inspection

Power cord and connector cables are essential to the operation of a computer system. Data centers will need to ensure that cords are in proper working order, replaced when needed. Outlets should not be overloaded, with too many cords in one place. Power cords should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure proper Chicago fire safety protocols are being followed.

Electrical fires can break out when an outlet is being overused. Be sure to add surge protectors and avoid overloading your circuits with too many cords in one place, which can result in a fire.

Avoid Dust

If you have every operated a computer for an extended period of time, you know that dust easily gathers on the keyboard and within the tower. Dust is flammable, so if your data center is not cleaned on a regular basis, the gathered dust can be a fire starter. Dusty equipment can easily become flammable if exposed to the tiniest spark.

Be sure that employees know how to remove dust correctly from computer systems. Keep employees abreast of fire safety protocols, including knowing what to do in the event of a fire. Exit areas should be clearly marked so employees can easily evacuate if a fire were to occur.

If you manage a data center, be sure to keep computers clean and free of dust, with no overloading of electrical outlets. Have the proper protocols in place for cleaning as well as maintenance to ensure your facility remains safe year-round. Fire safety services can easily be provided so that the data center can be inspected and the right solutions in place to protect your facility.

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