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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.
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Take Your Fire Safety Online!

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Take Your Fire Safety Online!

With the fire safety standards changing all the time, it is important that you have access to your records at a moment’s notice. As a Chicago property owner or HOA member, it’s important to realize the responsibility you have to maintain a safe building for all the tenants. That’s why Connected Fire is here. We provide fire safety in Chicago for small and medium size HOA boards and property owners. By utilizing our online record keeping, you have the reports and records you need when you need them.

Discover below what our online service includes and see why so many Chicago property owners have turned to us for their safety needs.

What Does Our Online Records Consist Of?

You’ll find access to:

  • Needs Report – As a new client, you’ll receive a thorough needs analysis. This is where the technician arrives at your location and evaluates your current safety equipment that is in place. We also go over items that need to be maintained or added to help you even further. It is vital to maintain compliance when it comes to the standards of fire safety in Chicago. That’s why it is important to know where you stand with all of your equipment in place.
  • Inventory Reports – This is a document that is always changing pending what you have on site at the building. This document is updated every time someone from our office visits your building. It also gives us a heads up as to what needs to be checked on arrival.
  • Service – When you have a fire, one of the items the authorities look for is the service reports. They need proof that your Chicago fire safety equipment has been properly maintained. This allows them to see when the last time the equipment was serviced, what was done, and if it is up to standards.
  • Invoices – You’ll also find any invoices in the online system for your approval and study. This shows exactly what was done, what you were charged, and you can even print them for your records.

When it comes to protecting your residents and yourself, you need to know that all your fire safety equipment in Chicago is taken care of. With the specialists here at Connected Fire, you can do just that. Ensure you have peace of mind and that your tenants are prepared should a fire ever break out. You can avoid fines for lack of compliance, and also avoid legal issues if a fire breaks out in the building. Be sure you contact Connected Fire today to discuss online record keeping for your condominium.

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