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Safely Using a Space Heater

space heater Safely Using a Space Heater When it comes to fire safety in Chicago, you want to know that even in the colder months you’re family and home are safe. That is where these space heater safety tips can come in handy. If you’re in a home where you are utilizing space heaters, then you need to pay close attention to these tips and tricks. Unfortunately, space heaters can cause fires in the home which can be devastating. You also have to keep your family warm when the temperatures drop to the teens, single digits or below. You can do this...
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Protecting Data Centers from Fire Hazards

computer connections Protecting Data Centers from Fire Hazards When operating a commercial facility, computers are becoming more of a necessity. From industrial workplaces to full-scale data centers, areas where computers are in operation can be a fire hazard. Most companies have no idea that their computers can cause a fire and the result can be deadly. Learning more about how to protect the data center of a business can ensure the facility remains operational, free from fire damage. Class C Fire Protection Systems A data center needs to have fire protection technology in place to ensure the facility will be protected as...
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New Year's Fire Safety Tips

fireworks New Year's Fire Safety Tips A new year is upon you and you want to make sure that your apartment and your family are fire safe as you ring it in. There are a few safety tips you can do over the next few weeks to help you ring in a happy, healthy, fire safe new year. Chicago fire safety protocols can help you to make sure that your family, and your home, are protected should a fire ever break out. Learn a few tips below to help you prepare your apartment and your investments as you celebrate the New...
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Fire Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Live Tree From Catching Fire

christmas tree Fire Safety Tips: How to Keep Your Live Tree From Catching Fire Some people are fine with the artificial tree. Every year they fluff out the branches, decorate it, and light it up. The tree can be passed down to generations as well as long as it is kept taken care of. But what if you’re one of those who simply can’t call it Christmas without the hunt for the perfect live tree? However, you’ve also seen the footage going around social media that it can take seconds to fully engulf your home if it catches fire. The truth is,...
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Fire Safety Tips for Your Children

boy Fire Safety Tips for Your Children Fire can be devastating to adults and children alike. Being prepared ahead of time is important not only as parents, but you should also prepare your children. Making sure that your children know what to do to prevent a fire, and the actions to take should a fire occur, is critical to their survival. It’s important that you share and teach these tips to your children so that they are prepared for a possible fire. While you hope to never need the training, you want to know that your family is prepared should they...
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