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Five Myths About Fire Safety In Apartment Buildings

Building 5 Five Myths About Fire Safety In Apartment Buildings When it comes to fire safety in Chicago, there are many different thoughts that run through someone’s head. In most instances, the thoughts you may have about fires in an apartment are somewhat true. However, there are several popular myths about fire safety and hazards that are simply that, myths. Check out the top five myths below that the majority of apartment tenants believe when it comes to their safety in the event of a fire. You Have Time Before You Have to Escape Unfortunately, people have experienced a tragic loss due...
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Smoke Detector Safety Tips

smoke Smoke Detector Safety Tips One pivotal piece of fire safety equipment that you should always have in good working order is your smoke detector. Whether you’re the president of an HOA looking to make sure they are installed properly or you’re a home owner, this is for you. Smoke alarms have a huge job. They are there to keep your tenants or your family safe in the event of a fire. If they are not working as they should, tragic consequences can take place. People could lose their lives simply because an inexpensive tool was not properly maintained. To prevent...
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Winter Fire Safety Tips for Property Owners

black and white blurred background cables Winter Fire Safety Tips for Property Owners Whether you own a huge apartment building in Chicago or a traditional home, it is important to remember fire safety tips during the winter months. Fires can occur in the home, even if the temperatures outside are freezing due to electrical elements or heating systems. Checking up on portions of the property as well as updating fire safety measures will ensure that your Chicago fire safety plans are ready in case of an emergency. Electrical Wiring A common cause of the fire in the home is electrical wiring. In older homes or apartment...
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Prepare Your Apartment for Fall

fall foliage Prepare Your Apartment for Fall When you live in a Chicago condominium, it is important that fire safety is one of the items on your to-do list when seasons change. As you’re preparing for fall and winter in Chicago, make sure to keep these items in mind to ensure your apartment is fire safe for the upcoming cooler months. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors While you probably checked these in the spring, it’s time again to ensure their batteries are in good working order and that they are working properly. Every time you spring forward or fall back with your...
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Hire a Fire Safety Team for Your Smoke and CO Detector Maintenance

smoke Hire a Fire Safety Team for Your Smoke and CO Detector Maintenance When you are a Chicago building manager or owner, you need to know that your building is not only safe but up to Chicago fire safety standards. While you can try to learn the regulations on your own and keep up with all there is to know, why not consider hiring a safety company that specializes in just that? There are a lot of Chicago municipal codes that must be followed to keep your residents safe and yourself out of trouble. Working with a company such as Connected...
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