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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Top Causes of Fires in the Workplace

office Top Causes of Fires in the Workplace Businesses must take great care to provide a safe work environment for employees. This includes protecting against the threat of fire. The best defense is learning more about the common causes of fire and how to prevent it from happening. When a fire occurs, it can cause damage and destroy property, which can cost thousands of dollars to correct. A fire in the workplace can also lead to injury or even death. Below are a few common causes of the fire that can occur in a business. By enforcing proper Chicago fire safety...
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How to Prevent False Fire Alarms within Your Business

fist How to Prevent False Fire Alarms within Your Business When it comes to businesses and Chicago fire safety protocols, fire alarms essential to ensuring employees and consumers are able to evacuate the property in a timely manner. Fire alarms come in all types, from smoke alarms to blaring fire alarms with lights and sound. Having these alarms in proper working order is a must so that your building and those inside are protected. Unfortunately, fire alarms can go off when there is no fire, which leads to chaos in the building as well as the fire department showing up to...
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Managing Fire Risk in Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

large warehouse Managing Fire Risk in Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities A warehouse and manufacturing facility are both at risk of fire, just like any business. However, the risk can be greater depending on the types of products or materials stored as well as the work being completed. Machinery and equipment pose a higher threat and fire damage can be devastating to the livelihood of the business. To keep employees safe and such facilities protected from ire, it is important to take fire safety seriously. Learning more about Chicago fire safety tips and protocols will help your business survive in the event of...
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Small Business 101: Fire Safety Laws You Should Be Following

101 Small Business 101: Fire Safety Laws You Should Be Following When it comes to owning and operating a small business, it is the legal and ethical responsibility of the owner to keep employees safe. To do this, every small business owner must consider fire safety laws. By learning more about key factors, you can create a business that is not only successful but prepared to handle a fire event. Below are a few considerations that must be made to follow Chicago fire safety laws. Fire Exits If a fire takes place, employees, as well as customers, need to be able...
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Healthcare Facility Fire Safety Tips

doctor Healthcare Facility Fire Safety Tips When it comes to healthcare facilities, the property is designed to care for people in the best way possible. However, the layout and equipment used in such facilities can increase the risk of fire, which puts the residents or patients at a higher risk of injury or death. Chicago fire safety protocols must be followed in healthcare facilities with programs and services in place to ensure those inside the facility are removed with ease if a fire were to occur. When operating a healthcare facility, it is important to recognize the need for proper fire...
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