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Articles and other information related to fire safety equipment and procedures in Illinois.

Summer Fire Safety Checklist

review Summer Fire Safety Checklist With summer in full swing, you’re most likely either on vacation or planning one really soon. Before you head out on a vacation with your family, make sure to go over your summer fire safety checklist. This will help you to be Chicago fire safe when you’re in your apartment and when you’re away. Make sure to have these items listed below checked off on a regular basis. If you notice something throughout your monthly check, be sure to address it with your HOA or management company. Do not leave fire safety in Chicago till later....
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Benefits of a Fire Safety Management Team

arrow Benefits of a Fire Safety Management Team As a Chicago building owner or HOA, you need to have your building in compliance with all of the fire safety regulations. Doing that can be an entire job in itself. There are a variety of items that must be taken care of including fire extinguishers being inspected, sprinklers and lighting working at all times, and maintenance documents kept on file. How can you make sure that everything you need to cover is done while you’re also taking care of the everyday needs of your residents? There’s an easier way to make sure...
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What is a Fire Safety Inventory Report and Why Do You Need One?

report What is a Fire Safety Inventory Report and Why Do You Need One? When it comes to fire safety of your Chicago property, you want to know that everything is under control. As a property investor or as a homeowner’s association board member, one tool at your disposal is an inventory report. This report can assist you in making sure you keep track of all prior work done, the safety equipment installed at your property, and what needs to be done before the fire inspection takes place. What is an Inventory Report? This report is a tool utilized by the...
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Stay on Top of the Lighting in Your Chicago Building

spiral bulb Stay on Top of the Lighting in Your Chicago Building Have you ever been to a building and noticed that some of the light bulbs weren’t working? How about going to a building at night and you can’t see to get in as the lighting outside is burned out? This is not only annoying, it is unsafe. As a Chicago property owner, you must ensure that all lighting both inside and out is working properly at all times. If you have an event such as a fire break out or another building issue where evacuation is necessary, it is up...
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Summer Time Means Updating Your Fire Safety Knowledge

glasses Summer Time Means Updating Your Fire Safety Knowledge As a renter in Chicago, it’s important that you update your fire safety knowledge on a regular basis. That means whether you’re in a condominium or rental home, you need to have regular fire safety checks. Summertime brings on a lot of fun and outdoor activities, including BBQ’s. Even if you do not own a grill, if anyone in your complex does, you should be extra aware and remind yourself of these tips often. There are several fire safety tips you should keep in mind as a Chicago condominium tenant. You can...
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